Sunday, January 9, 2011

In The Mist Of My

In The Mist Of My Storm
I lost my home being obedient and doing what my father said
I was not homeless this time he made sure I was feed and had a place to lay my head
He said I gave you a talent to teach and show others their life has just begun
You story will help someone else wither their storm
I was angry in the beginning I’m not going to lie
I didn’t question my father but yes I begin to cry
I didn’t understand how he put me in that place
When I know I was obedient and kept the faith
Right down to the vey hour when they came and sat all my things on the curve
My bother and daughter had to calm my nerve
I know how to get money without a doubt
I smile when I say my God just has me on a different route
So when God closes one door stay strong in your faith
God is a man that cannot lie he makes no mistakes
What God has for you is for you
Humble yourself a little more and watch what he do
Copyright 2010 By Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved.

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