Sunday, September 6, 2015

You want to lick and stick....

You want to lick and stick 

But you ain't put in and did S***. 

Nothing with me is giving everything is earn 

If you don't put in then I'm going to have to let you and this situation burn

When you walk into the bank you cant make a withdrawal without first making a deposit

Well that's me and how I think that's my logic

Now don't get it wrong it ain't all about you going in your wallet

Take the time to get in my head

Stop skipping steps trying to just get me in bed

I don't sleep with men for a sport

I'm a lady you have to date and court

Then and only then will you get the best results 

You want to pillow talk take my time

Take me out to eat wine and dine

Then try to hit... you have lost your rabbit ass mind

You always talking about liking and sticking 

But when I go to talking about bills taking trips and shopping then I'm the one tripping.. 

Don't ask for mines if you don't want me to ask for yours

I'm a grown woman not a little girl

If I have to do it on my own what do I need you for

See I require a team player so we can get so much more

I don't need a 1 to 2 minute thrill

So no MR. we can't hang out and just chill

No you can't lick and stick

You better go find you one of those thots or petty chicks

You have to have more to offer me than your mouth and your D***

Those type of games and situations right there I just ain't with

You can call me what you want but BROKE ain't going to be it

You want to call me out of my name

When I ask you for some change 

Yet you think its ok to ask can you lick and stick

I'm sorry but you ain't made not one deposit

Baby I don't have free time to do free things

Read that sentence slow so you will get the meaning and know what I mean

Time cost and its expensive

I don't like wasting mines I forgot to mention 

I hope you were paying attention...
2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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