Monday, February 23, 2015

The other woman.. So many times women find them selves in this scenario Kayundra Simpson & Christopher Hershey Collaborated this piece This is Real TALK!!

The other woman..
So many times women find them selves in this scenario Kayundra Simpson & Christopher Hershey Collaborated this piece This is Real TALK!!!

The Other Woman..

(Chris): I was always taught to find a woman like momma but the one I'm with is full of drama.. So my feelings drifted outside of the house and found comfort in the other woman.. I loved my wife but me and the other woman have more in common..

(Kaye): Even though we have more in common this is just a temporary thing you know our days are numbered. We have a connection that can't be explain but we both know in the end all this will lead to is a whole lot of pain. I like you I like you a lot but being your mistress I don't think I will be able to feel that spot

(Chris): But baby were so it why stop, beside I love how you you put it down, the way you drop it like it's hot.. And beyond that what she can't do you pick up the slack.

(Kaye): We started hanging out as friends but somehow the more time we spent feelings started to develop then .You tell me you want to ride or die till the end. I don't see how that's possible, because at the end of the day we both lose no one really wins. If you keep pursuing me the way you do the next thing you will be telling me you love me too. I know what we are doing is not right

(Chris): It can't get no righter baby cause the love that I'm feel from you seems to get tighter.. When were together I feel lighter than a feather but with her it's always bad weather..

(Kaye) It's not bad weather you just don't share that common denominator and with me you know I’m a gladiator. She don't like or participate in the things you like to do. That doesn't give you a right to be untrue. You can’t have you cake and eat it to.

(Chris):I can see that this conversation is about to get heated.... So torn between you both how come I didn't see it.. God how can I stop the bleeding cause I love them both and never wanna mistreat them..

(Kaye): You can't love two women that's just not how it go. I'm not asking you to choose because that's your wife so it's time for me to move on and let go. I'm sorry but I just can't do this anymore

(Chris):Damn you acting like I'm treating you like a hoe but say no more.. I can remember when we first met how them lips looked so wet.. And how I was trying to be so good but I fail the test.. You make me feel my best and less stressed but now it's becoming a hot ass mess..

(Kaye):I have to put myself first and do what's best I want it all and nothing less and unfortunately you can't grant me that request. We both know this was just a need to fill an empty space but now we are at the end of the race. I know this not what you want to here by the look that’s on your face

(Chris):Well this will leave a bad taste In my mouth cause the love between the both of you went south!! Now am stuck and don't know what to do but it's in front of me so I must face the truth.. But what is a man to do so torn and now regretting my pursuit to get with you!! But who would've knew that you would've became my boo.. I'm almost in tears and now all I want is for all this bs to be through

(Kaye): You knew this was not a permanent situation I told you I wasn't one that has a lot of patience. No rules were set in the beginning so sweetheart this is our ending. We had fun but now I want more so I have to move on. I look forward to close this door. I wish you well and as much happiness as life can bring. I don't want to share I want my own king as well as my own wedding ring. I know this was wrong that's why I'm taking a stand. I have to leave you and this situation alone.

(Chris): I’m tripping but without you I feel so alone.. You made me feel like I belong and you invited me into your home.. OK baby I'm gone..... I'm so gone cause I respect your judgment although I don't see what's wrong!! Here we go again damn my life plays the same old song... It ain't no sunshine when she's gone .. Oh well I guess I didn't belong and besides she's cheating to but two rights don't make a wrong.

(Kaye):Your absolutely right that's why I'm gone. Delete my number and don't call my phone. As long was your married you and I have no future so just leave me alone. You won"t have me singing another sad love song..

(Chris):Peace peace my queen maybe In another life you could be my wife.

(Kaye) Maybe in another life but in this one.. Just no its over this is a decision I don't have to think twice2014© Kayundra Simpson & Christopher Hershey, All Rights Reserved