Friday, April 4, 2014

Real Talk Moment... (A Must Read)

Ladies are you tired of Men/boys sending you messages telling you they want you and they want to make love to you ect.. You know the ones thinking with the little head.. Well this is for them..

My thoughts on them....
 Let me just weed some of these MEN/BOYS out so that we don't waste each others time..If your looking for Open to the public p***y your at the wrong place its plenty of that out here.. I'm just not her. So keep it moving. I Only wish to deal with mature individuals! Therefore you Must be willing to work and put in...Everything is earn nothing is just given. ALL men/women have a motives! Make your intentions known and don't get mad when the other person make theirs
known.. If your not on the same page move around. Its about choices... When you play games that's when unnecessary occur... and the drama..STOP IT!!! Fellas a woman does what she wants it not always about you.. and if your lucky to get some its her choice not yours..

Say what you mean mean what you say.. .Your word is all you have. I cant stand a liar. If you are seeking a jump off ,cut buddy, boo thang, your a serial dater, you're a man but still have little boy ways. No you can't lick it, no you cant stick it.. Your still jumping from woman to woman, you're still thinking with the little head and not the right head, your selling dreams, dishonest ect.. you get the point. STOP..I am not what your seeking. I don't do casual things.. When you reach a certain point in your life. You know what you want, what you will deal with and what you will allow in your space...

Ok if your still reading here goes and your not one of the ones I called out above..
There is a HUGE difference in being picky and Having Standards...It’s 3 things I need: trust, loyalty, and consistency. If any one of those is hard for you, I’m not the one for you. We Cant Be In A Relationship If you have no desire to be my partner in business, love, and life..I don't do part time anything... in dealing with me you must be consistent & persistent or you will become non existent. Actions always prove why words mean nothing....That's the type of mindset you have to have. You don't have to explain to people why you're not into things that don't profit you anything..A good woman is cool, a great woman even better but a Queen can change your life.Respect my time. Match my effort. Always be honest. Stay consistent....Time tells all. If it's not really in their character, they won't remain consistent in doing it. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Relationships..... Respect, Love, Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, Support, Communication.

I would love to be in a relationship but the way my feet are setup I don't chase "NO MAN"... be consistent and persistent or you will become nonexistent...I'm a young lady you have to date court and establish a friendship. All dating is, is interviewing someone over dinner, laughs, and good times. It's not sex...stop skipping the friendship going to the sexship.. We know we can sleep together what else are you has to be more then sex to get my attention. The only three things a Man should want to change about his Woman are; Her last name, her address and her viewpoint on Men.....

I've gotten to a point in my life where everything I add to my life has to clearly be an addition! I look at life like math, I don't add anything that's going to subtract from me or anything I'm doing! I don't add stress, frustration, issues, complaints or anything that's not positive period! I look at things day by day too. If something was adding on Monday but it's subtracting on Thursday, it wont be a part of my life on Friday! Life is a blessing & God made me for a purpose, and nothing can come before my purpose or take away from this blessing period!

Nothing like knowing somebody cares enough to pay attention, they don’t always have to ask, they just know...Show me something I haven’t seen before. Teach me something new. The usual gets old fast..I need that spontaneous, exciting, ever growing type thing. That normal “we’re just kicking it” stuff isn't for me..If its not inspiring me to make changes for the better, break bad habits, or experience new things, then what’s the point? If its not about consistently doing whatever it takes to make the other smile or challenging me to be greater, I don’t need it. If its not about the simple things then I don’t want it.