Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Am Kayundra Simpson

I Am Kayundra Simpson

I refused to be forgotten 
Some of you thought I would stay at the bottom
A lot of you treated me rotten
A smile as big as the morning Sun
Welcome to my new life it just begun
I'm not ashamed of my past
Nor am I trash
Definitely not just a piece of ASS
What I am is a woman that has being called
To teach and share my life experience with some of y'all
Thank you for all the No's 
I have learned the friends and the foe's
I don't need you to validate me 
I was validate a long time ago
Thank you Jesus for carrying me 
At the lowest of low when I just didn't want to live no more
I stepped out of the old and into the new
Unfortunately behind I had to leave a whole lot of you
I have a name that's different and unique 
It's time to beat the streets
In case you didn't know yes this is how I eat
I like to eat well 
So all you doubters standing on the sideline can really just go to hell
Yes I’ve been to Jail a time or two
So you Googled me that's what you were supposed to do
As you can see yeah I've been through
But what does that have to do with you
You couldn't handle my life
So the next time you want to talk about it think twice
You couldn't walk a day in my shoes
But you want to sit up and talk about what I've been through
Your life ain't squeaky clean you have skeletons to
I didn't go through all of this for my life to stay the same
I don't know about you but I see fame all around my name
Don't get me wrong I'm not going against the grain
Just remember Kayundra Simpson is my Name
Never again will my life be the same ©2013 Kayundra

Friday, January 10, 2014

Isn't it Ironic

Pay attention to actions not just words....stop getting under the next to get over you X.. Take the time to heal, stop using others and making them pay for the mistakes of the hurt someone else cause. Everyone comes with baggage some with a little more than others. Real men help you unpack weak men run.. There is no perfect mate...#realtalkmoment #learnfromyourhurt#hurtpeoplehurtpeople#grownfolksdealwiththeirproblemsnotrunfromthem#learntoloveyourself#stopblamingwhatyouvebeenthroughinyourpastasanexcusetomoveforwardinurpresent#ifyouthinkthisisaboutyoyitprobablyis

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Parts of my story

Parts of My Story.....

Parts of my story you wouldn't believe

I thought I had friend's child please

I stayed in a shelter slept under a bridge

The worst of it all was when I was unable to take care of my kids
If you know me then you know they are my life
Dying for them I wouldn't have to think twice
You look at me and say she's got it going on
Little did you know I was the one who had no home
I went days without a meal to eat
Walked up and down the streets wondering where I would sleep
I still remain with a smile on my face
God is not through with me I refuse to quit I have to finish this race
The old KAYE is dead so please let here rest
When God gets through with me then you will see me at my best
Always remember you don't have a testimony without a test
©2010 Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved