Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lets Talk Random Thoughts...

Can you be an asset to somebody’s life? Can you being around make them better, happier, and stronger? Any woman can find a problem and complain about it, but great women know how to fix them. Any man can get ass, that’s nothing. Can you earn a heart, connect with a soul, and commit to building a future? The quality of a man isn't measured by what he gains; it’s measured by what he keeps. So… what are you really about? Can you build something worth keeping or are you just good at sand castles?I get it: The good ones require too much work and the easy ones bring too many headaches. Lose/Lose huh? After all the games, are you going to have anything to show for it? Will you have had anything worth remembering? So what are you going to do when it isn't enough anymore? What happens when you’re too tired to chase and trap? Even the greatest of players have to retire at some point. The game doesn't love you back and that doesn't take long to learn. It doesn't matter who you are, the games are going to get old eventually. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race. Date here, flirt there, but substance is missing so you’ll never get anywhere. How’s chilling been working for you? Feel safe? Secure? Less stress? Have you grown at all? What’s really important to you? Do you care about building something real or are you just chilling forever? We've learned how to place blame for everything but we avoid taking accountability for anything. There’s no growth in that. Did it increase you? Did it inspire you? Did it make you feel fulfilled or valuable? If it didn't, then it wasn't love .Just because they said the words, doesn't mean it was Love. Half the people so scared of love haven’t even experienced what it’s really about. So what is it… Are we all scared, or have we just been hurt so much that we doubt our right to love and happiness? We complain about loyalty, but we aren't willing to open up and show people something worth being loyal to. We complain about consistency, but we don’t give people the fair chance to prove themselves. We complain about liars, but people are hiding from the truth. We all complain about the same old things and nothing changes, because we’re all stuck playing the same old games. To find somebody who’ll take the time to really get to know you, care for you, and value you is so rare. I’ll rejoice the day building something real is ever “cool” again....I wonder if times will change, if people will get tired of all the games and excuses. I think there’s something in all of us, whether we admit it or not, that wonders what’s ahead. Like wondering who you’ll marry? If you’ll ever find love? Or if you've already met “the one”....You ever felt crazy for some of things you dream of?

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