Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Think ill share a few mistakes and the many lessons...

What did you learn from the mistakes in which  you will apply to your life moving forward.. I must say I learned a lot didn't understand all of it. Yet some of it wasn't for me to understand..I learned so much. Think ill share a few mistakes and the many lessons...

1. I tried to force love. I learned that rushing things ruins them. I realized patience protects the heart & to let things flow naturally

2. I quit too soon. I learned how to be a builder. Can’t always walk out, run, & leave. Gotta be able to work it out, make it better, etc

3. I assumed people cared more than they did. I learned that loyalty is rare, genuine people should be appreciated, & my heart comes 1st

4. I gave too many 2nd chances and not enough 1st chances. I learned the difference between quitting and accepting an ending.

6. I worked so hard at times that I forgot to do the little things. I learned to stop and breathe, to value my existence a little more

7. I didn't give myself enough credit. I learned to appreciate progress. May not be there yet but I've come a long way, I’m proud

8. I let fear stop me from taking certain risk. I learned to trust my instincts & intuition, I learned to embrace the beauty in my mistakes

9. I was too stubborn. I learned to be a bit more compassionate, my way isn’t the only way. I value the peace compromise brings

10. I let my doubts speak louder than my dreams. I learned my faith was stronger than my fears. Trusting God made life easier

11. I learned to deal with my  Chronic illness Epilepsy and focus on the things I still can do and not the things I can no longer do, sometimes God allows you to go through certain things to strengthen and so you can help someone else..

I'm grateful for all the test trial and tribulation.. All of them made me into this Mighty Woman of God that I have become. I welcome this New Journey in my life. If I have wronged you, did anything to offend you, did you wrong  I apologize... and hope you can find it in your heart to for give me.  You see I have made my peace and asked GOD for his forgiveness so now I'm moving forward. . Going into my New season I know I will have many more battles to fight.. Well I must say I'm ready. Failure Is Not An Option for me.  ~Ms.K.Simpson~

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