Thursday, June 25, 2015

I let you in

Collaboration with

( Mz.Khameleon) Kayundra Simpson
​ & (Black Ink) 

Darnell Flowers​

I let you in 


I opened up and let you in 

Invested my time money and became your friend

I stepped outside box and tried something new

The only Chase I can relate to is Chase bank I'm not chasing you

I know my worth I'm a QUEEN clearly you don't have a clue

You tried to take me down threw there

I'm Lady and I will not be anyone spare

You loved me that's what you said

Or did you think that line would get me in bed

I'm not weak by no means

There is nothing I haven't seen

I'm to old for stick and move

Playing games with a real woman she will have you singing the blues

You stick you stay

If your not about that life stay far away

When you grow up you put away childish ways

I made my intentions know coming through the gate

If you couldn't handle my request I'm not one you shouldn't tried to date

Be patience is what you said

How when mental stimulation have not been fed

I need a man that can pray provide and protect

A team player one I can grind with and get that check

Not one thinking with the little head sticking and running to the next

Just to get your d*** wet

Weak men make me strong.. 

Its really best you get the hell on

Gone with your lies and all your excuses

Your time is up i'm throwing up the deuces

Black Ink:

I was truly sincere when I first stepped to you

You even told me I wasn't you're norm but you were willing to try something new

You let me into your world and somewhere along the line the old me took over

I battled my urges fiercely but the devil defeated my angel on my shoulder

But don't get it twisted I do love you and in all about that life

Despite my stupidity I want to make this work, I've always envisioned you as my wife

Allow me to do the chasing as long as you don't mind being my prey 

My initial attraction to you was your strength and I wouldn't want you any other way

Honestly I think you scared me 

And my ego dared me

And at that time I wasn't prepared for we

The stick was so good I didn't want to move

My d*** never felt such a groove

I'd be crazy not to want your total package in my bed forever

So I'm in with both feet will never leave your side again.....never!

But I can tell by that look in your eyes, that my words are falling on deaf ears 

You think I'm full of excuses and lies I understand you're trying to protect your heart from its worst fears

 But I told only happened once but you still want to continue on this path

 You know I pray, provide and protect and I get that check, you just not doing the math

 I am a king but I'm definitely not perfect everyone makes mistakes 

I just want you to know I'm willing to get on my knees beg and grovel what it takes

 But you are so quick to throw up deuces like you're Chris Brown 

I'll let you do you, no more words, no kiss, no hug not even a frown 

2015©Kayundra Simpson & Darnell Flowers, All Rights Reserved

Friday, June 5, 2015

Dont give up

Get out of your feelings

When I think of you

Thanks for this love it.. You came with it... Love writing with you this is his comeback to what I wrote.. Love it

(@HERSECRETSMILE )When I think of you I imagine the elegance 

To live with you is like living in the heavens

You have captured the deepest space

I cannot let you go at any rate
You are the blessing
My bliss for life
I yearned for the love
I'm ready to pay all price
You have been broken I see the scars
I have been torn up too
My heart drowned in sorrow
With no one to succour
I know we fit together
Like the prefect pieces of puzzle
You are the key to my lock
The saviour of my kingdom
I saw the shade of grey in your eyes
And knew that's where my happiness lies@HERSECRETSMILE

I want a man that will

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Want A Man That Will ( Explicit)



The way you do makeup is truly Astounding

Your personality makes people want to be around you

You are Queen that shines as bright as the North star
I believe in you and your talent I know you will go far

Your Sexuality you never have to check

When you walk in a room you have all the Men

Turning their neck not to mention the women

Saying what the Heck...

Your heart has been broken

You know all about Pain

So at times you do you and stay in your lane

To get something you never had

Sometimes your mindset we must change

Your in a class all of your own

Not to mention your ready for that foundation a husband and a home

You just don't play house when you grown

Pleasure goes unsaid

You need a man that's wants to so more then take you to bed

Not to mention just give you some good head

Your ready to be Wedd

You have became a little Redundant with people

Saying things they think you want to hear

You don't have time for talk

They have to step it up with their actions this year

2012©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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