Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I'm Feeling you....A Collaboration between Terrance Lamar & Kayundra Simpson

I'm Feeling You

(Kayundra Speaking)

I'm Feeling you

I'm not going to lie

Tonight I had to stop, think, and ask myself WHY 

We TALK & Text all through the DAY 

If I call you LATE night will you answer your PHONE no way

You say I'm your LADY

Is that because your trying to get between my LEGS just maybe 

A FOOL I'm not 

Your PLAYING games and you need to STOP 

Now I could be mistaken 

REAL TALK this don't look like a good SITUATION 

PROVE me wrong If you can 

If not being my MAN wont be in the plan 

(Terrance Speaking) 

I feel you and I'm FEELING you this I can't deny.. 

I would tell you story, before I tell you a LIE!!

My story of life, love, and relationships of the past..

which are really not important, because obviously they didn't LAST!!! 

Me saying you're my lady and you saying I'm your man

is our way of agreeing to give US a chance 

I enjoy our talks & text I think it helps us grow

 WHATEVER form of communication it takes, to keep us close.. 

Now you're pretty, smart, and sexy so what's between your LEGS is good I'm SURE

but I'd rather get what's between your CHEST and BACK, because I know that's PURE!!!!!

(Kayundra Speaking)

What you're saying REALLY sounds good

Instead of telling me why don't you SHOW me if you would

DON'T get me wrong I need your ACTIONS and WORDS to align

Otherwise I can't and will not give you anymore of my TIME

I have a lot of LOVE to give

But if you can't keep it 100 there's no way we can BUILD

I'm to OLD for a boo thang, cut buddy or hanging out, let alone just chill

Something in my gut tells me your not keeping it REAL

After a certain time of the night your  PHONE is powered off

I'm sorry EXPLAIN that cause I'm kind of LOST

You say you have nothing to HIDE

So an explanation I need you to provide

I refuse to let anyone take me down through there on a joy ride

(Terrance Speaking)

It sounds like... you've been hurt once or twice

 maybe broke a heart or two yourself.. but that's why is called the circle of LIFE

This NEED of ASSURANCE I understand very well

 but no one can knows the future ONLY TIME will tell

 time is the essence WE neither have to waste, or spare so my question to you is where do we go from here

cause I thought my actions were deliberate, and my intentions were CLEAR!

My intentions are to be up front honest and honestly 

if you don't feel I have I'm sorry  but when you start to question 

my INTEGRITY we kinda have a problem!!! 

If I didn't want this I'm GROWN enough to say it and we both can move on 

I would never do something as MINUSCULE as turning off the phone, come on!

 I LOVE your mind, soul, and body..but if you're UNSURE, we should take a pass. 

Cause though I love making love to you, I want our LOVE TO LAST!!!!!

(Kayundra Speaking)

Now that we are on the same PAGE

 let's go ahead and  go to the next level set the stage... 

I need you to make LOVE to my MIND and STIMULATE it at the same time

But most of all put in that work and give me quality time 

Where we go from here well....

 I want you to lay back and enjoy the RIDE

 these FEELINGS of mine i will no longer hide.

 Your body will be my play GROUND

YES its about to go down .

 What I'm ABOUT to do to you is not RECREATIONAL or for LEISURE

 Know its ME you want because I aim to please ya.

I told you with ME there would be a lot for FIRST

I'm a BEAST none of this is rehearsed

 I'm not  GOOD or with that ONE night stand 

SO make sure your words and ACTIONS go hand and hand..

I go HARDER than paint and I can only do the things I do with MY man!!!!
2014© Kayundra Simpson And Terrance Lamar, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I PRETEND I don't see...A Collaboration between Terrance Lamar & Kayundra Simpson

Terrance: I PRETEND I don't see, your lust for what's in these streets, but you say you LOVE ME...I PRETEND I don't hear, when you think your being discrete, the conversations you hold SECRETLY!I pretend I'm sleep, so YOU THINK it's OK to text, and TWEET..(wrong)So I Put on a smile, and act like everything is OK, until YOU come home ONE DAY...To that house, that used to be a HOME, and everything in it is GONE..and a DIVORCE DECREE is all you see. Then YOU'LL will KNOW, I was the ONE "PRETENDING" all ALONE!!!!!

Kayundra: Don't pretend we both know something is wrong Lets address it try and fix it or we move on Its been a minute since our house has been a home Maybe I went about it the wrong way to get your attention-now that I have it are you ready to listen I have lust for the streets naw just creating other ways for our family to eat I love you and that's something I can't deny I'm with you to the end I'm your ride or die 

Terrance: OK I'm listening..talk to me, but not AT ME, or treat me like I'm SLOW, cause that by now you should ALREADY KNOW(I'm not!!!). I don't really talk much, but when I do, I need you to LISTEN..I'm sorry it had to come to this, just to get YOUR ATTENTION!! ADMITTEDLY I can say, I hadn't communicated I'm the best way..but I've loved you so much, for SO LONG, I forced myself to looked the other way! I tried telling myself that what we share is BIGGER than the secret phone calls, you staying gone from home, and those streets corners you be bumping..but the LONGER I kept quiet about it, the MORE I felt US LACKING SOMETHING!!! And we both know where there's a lack, there's A NEED, and people will ALWAYS try to get their needs FULFILLED..so let's fix this NOW, cause if given the chance SOMEONE ELSE WILL!!!!!

Kayundra: I don't think your slow but lately your actions have me feeling you don't love me any more. See I need you to communicate with me, don't you know I love you immensely, Losing you is something I don't want to do so baby tell me what do we need to do. I hear you loud and clear tell me where we go from here. Patience is still something I'm trying to perfect, we have got to communicate more so that we don't become each others EX,  Sometime I need you to slow down pour me a glass of wine rub my feet, don't say a word just listen. Lately I have had so much built up  and its causing us a lot of tension. When I tell you I'm hurt and I give you details don't blow me off  like I'm some random female.  Pay attention to my wants as well  as my needs, mentally emotionally spiritually my mind I need you to feed. How we got here I don't know I love you with every breath I breathe, You touch me like no other can don't you know your my best friend, my lover and my man sweetheart don't you know I'm your cheerleader and your #1fan. I'm going to take the blame for my actions and you take the blame for yours.  I'm excited to see what our future has in store. There is know one on this earth I love more...

Terrance:There ONCE was a time when WE didn't have to say it..OUR thoughts, our feelings and actions CONVEYED IT...I knew when you were hurt, and your HAPPY, and you knew MINE..I'd rub your feet, you'd wash my back, those were the GOOD TIMES!!! Those are the TIMES I MISS, and I know we have in us still..if we can put the BS to the side, and get back to what's REAL!!! Now we can talk about til our face turns blue, but let's be about it..Cause you love me, and I LOVE YOU...and though it's good being told, it's BETTER being SHOWED, then there's no doubt that IT'S TRUE!!!!!(soletsmakeitWORK)
2014© Kayundra Simpson And Terrance Lamar, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Its up to you

Where we go from here its up to you and how you pursue
Its not what you say but what you do

When you words and actions don't align

I get on down I dont waste my time
I give whats giving
Time shouldn't be forced but willing
I hear all the things you say
But its 24hrs in a day
A quick call or text just to say hey
That shouldn't be to much to ask
But if you have a problem fulfilling that task
I assure you... you will not last
Friend zone is where you will stay 
I'm at a place I know what I want and games I do not play
If your not ready to establish a friendship to lead to more
I'm sorry this is where it ends we have nothing to explore
If your seeking a quick fix or some nunu 
I'm sorry but pursing me is not what you need to do
I played games while I was in school 
You cant run that on me I'm know ones fool
Everything is a give and take
You have to be persistence and consistence to make me your mate
I don't do multiple people just that one I can build with and establish a permanent date
So until then I will patiently wait
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, November 23, 2014

15 Ways To Wake Up With Motivation

15 Ways To Wake Up With Motivation

Through all of the stories of great successes, it’s the men and women who found their motivation and consistently used it as their main drive to reach success.

Motivation and excitement about your vision, your ambition, your goal, give you energy and an ability to do what others can, but won’t do. If you’re motivated, you work longer hours, but are also more productive and focused in those hours you work. But what if you’re not internally motivated day after day to hustle, work, and trudge through the daily tasks that make-up the path to your end goal?

Are you relegated to a life of mediocrity, or is motivation something that can be coached, practiced, and created?
1. Have your biggest dreams written on a massive white board

Your dreams and audacious goals should be written where you can consistently see them. I use a big white board next to my desk. On the white board are my big goals, my weekly goals, and motivational quotes. This helps me keep the eye on the prize, maintain focus, and ward of the distractions that make their way into my day.

2. Focus only on TODAY

We can get lost in thinking about the future or regretting the past. What’s terrible about this is that while you’re worrying and wishing you were in a different position in life, someone else is working.

Worry does no good. If you truly want to succeed you need to learn how to focus your mind only on the present. Do what you can do in the moment, work on the project at hand, accomplish your daily goals and tasks, and you’ll do the same with your bigger, lifelong goals and dreams.

3. Have only 3 things on your to do list that MUST BE accomplished

Don’t try and fill your day with too much. Sure, you’d like to get a lot accomplished, but there should be 3 (only 3) important tasks that NEED to be accomplished. Focus on these first. When they’re completed, and only when they’re completed, are you allowed to move on to other things.

Too many people spread themselves thin. What ends up happening is they get overwhelmed, which crushes their motivation, and nothing gets done.

If you’re focused, you’ll stay motivated, you’ll get more done, and you’ll be where you want to be a lot faster.

4. Practice discipline

Discipline isn’t sexy, but it’s necessary. It’s in discipline that we gain freedom. We gain freedom to get more done, to improve, and to remove regret from our lives.

When you’re focused only on today, doing only what needs to be done in the now, nothing else matters. But discipline needs to be practiced everyday.

When a reporter asked two-time MVP point guard Steve Nash, how often he trained growing up, he said (and I paraphrase) Everyday. I never missed a workout, because I knew that if I missed one, I’d give myself a reason to miss another.

If you practice laziness and distraction, that is what you’ll be, and you’ll be left with nothing but regret and failure. Practice being successful by doing what successful people do everyday: they remain disciplined.

Remember, take it one day at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed with eternity when the present should be your only concern.

5. Create an inspiring environment

Your environment HAS TO inspire you. Surround yourself with images that motivate you, but also in a clean, clear space. Clutter truly does clutter the mind, but it can also be depressing to be in a messy area.

Pattern your work environment as you’d love it to be. Spend a little money on a nice desk if that’s your thing, but make sure your work space inspires you and motivates you. This is where the magic happens. This is where you should be spending most of your time. So make sure it affects you positively.

6. Have a quotes list near your desk, and your bed

It’s not the critic who counts… The famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt is always close. Be it in my notebook (one of the two), or handing from my bathroom mirror, or next to my bed, I always have inspirational quotes that keep me focused, upbeat, and aware that success isn’t immediate. That success takes hard work, dedication and much sacrifice.

If “making it” was easy, everyone would have made it. That’s why I respect all entrepreneurs, it takes guts to be in the arena.

7. Workout everyday

Part of staying motivated is warding off depressive thoughts. Being physically fit helps with that not only from an image and an energy aspect, but hormonally as well.

For men, being physically fit will help raise your natural levels of testosterone, which leads to diminished likelihood of depression. So get in the gym at least 4 times a week, and get outside and get active.

8. Set mini, measurable goals

You’ll have your big goals – and make sure they’re as clear as possible – but they need to be broken into smaller goals as well. Make these goals measurable and attainable in the near future (like “to-do’s”).

Everything should be measurable so you know where you are in relation to where you want to be (EVERYTHING).

9. Work in 90-120 minute intervals, interspersed with active breaks

Your work should be intense, purposeful, and focused. Studies have shown that we can do so for a 90-minute period, but tend to lose focus once that 90-minute period is finished.

One of the best ways to regain focus is to do something active. The endorphins release by a quick jog or set of sprints will help you not only gain energy, but regain focus.

10. Don’t work on small projects

That is, don’t set small goals that don’t excite you. You NEED TO BE excited about what you’re trying to accomplish. If it doesn’t excite you, how are you going to be motivated?

11. Clean once a week

Clean your house and work space once a week. Keep clutter and mess out of your life if you want to keep consistently motivated.

12. Take mini-vacations monthly

While the hustle and grind of creating something – i.e. the life of an entrepreneur – can be arduous and necessary, it needs “mini jolts”. Nature, for myself, is the best way to give me the jolts I need to stay focused, hustle daily, and accomplish big things.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you should unplug once a month. Go local, but do what you gotta do to get out of your routine. You’ll not only be re-energized, but you’ll find that nature can enhance your creativity.

Bring a notebook and a book to accompany you on your adventure.

13. Read voraciously

Great people read. Books are their companions. Check out The Gates Notes - it’s Bill Gates personal website, filled with his personal notes on whatever he’s reading.

In all of my study of great people, be they politicians, entrepreneurs, or conquerors, knowledge was something they all craved. If you want greatness in your future, read in your present.

14. Journal daily

Spend one week making notes about when your energy levels – and motivation levels – are at their highest. There should be patterns. Use these patterns to your advantage.

Put your most important tasks in the times when your energy levels are at their height (I do all of my writing in the wee hours of the morning, or late at night, when no one is awake to bother me, and I can focus on one thing).

A journal will also help with clarity. It’s far easier to be motivated when your mind is clear, and the road to your goal is as well.

15. Win your mental battles

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill consistently refers to the battles we have in our minds. The rich think a certain way, and it isn’t necessarily a greedy way, but a positive one.

The thoughts that fill your mind should only aid you in your journey, they should detract from it. Now, you may think, How can I control all of the thoughts that come in to my head. You may not be able to control whatcomes in, but you do have the power to control which ones you pay attention to.

Fill your mind with creative, positive, and ambitious thoughts. Don’t give energy to your fears and worries. They do nothing but move you further away from your goals.

Bonus: Eliminate ALL distractions

I have an app on my computer called “freedom”. It shuts down the internet and all social media for a time determined by me. I start this timer every time I sit down to write to ensure that I’m not distracted.

If social media distracts you, set up your tweets, posts, or shares with an app like Hootsuite, so your curiosity isn’t constantly getting the better of you.

If you have nothing to distract you, you have no choice but to work.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You make me feel safe

You make me feel safe 

You’re like the calm to my storm 

I feel safe in your arms 

Your spirit I feel in my soul 

I hope you don’t mind me being a little bold 

I want to cater to you and please you in every way 

That is my main objective each and every day 

They say it take 21days to form a habit 

In one I knew I was going to need a straight jacket 

Because I knew you were going to have me crazy in love 

I also knew a challenge this was 

You’re different but also unique 

You’re everything I seek 

Don’t take this as me being weak 

I’m just telling you how I feel 

With you a friendship and more I would like to build 

I’m not in a rush but yes I know what I want 

It’s you I’m not going to front 

I pray for you each and every night

If you hadn't noticed your someone I really like 

I think about you and a smile comes across my face 

With you I always feel safe
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm Uniquely created by the Master of Creativity

I'm Uniquely created by the Master of Creativity

I'm Uniquely created by the Master of Creativity

I'm Uniquely created for a God given Purpose I'm Uniquely created with Motivations to succeed

My success may not be your success but remember

Each of us are Uniquely Created so what may tickle me fancy just may not be for you

Alone time does me all the good in the world, sometimes I can hear him speak with just a small whisper

I'm his Uniquely created girl

You may see my pics and many love all the smiles

But you can't imagine how many tap dances have been done on my heart

I can't even remember but it's thousands of miles

Because I'm Uniquely created many will never/don't understand who I am

I've done all the Glitz and Glam at this point I know who I am

I cherish the air I breath the earth that I walk on the people that I walk among

The life that I have lived and the life I continue to pray for

Soon very soon God will send me that Man/Partner/My Boaz

Because I know he created me

Unique and for me he has created Him the one who will see me as his moon, his sun, and his stars.

Because I was created by my Master of Creativity who Uniquely created Me

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I have Epilepsy but it won’t have me

I smile because I have no more tears to cry
I stopped complain and asking GOD why
I got over the bruises and my hair falling out
Weight lost & all the things I can no longer do Jesus take the wheel I started to shout
I didn't feel pretty for a while
Attitude was really fowl
Had a hard time accepting I lost my Independence
I felt like I was serving a life sentence
So many said they would be there and had my back
I look around and wonder where their at
Asking others to do for me I don't no how to do
This is when I came to my source and said lord I trust you
I don't no what your doing but you in control
Lord take my hand because without you I can't make it down this road
It seems I had no support system and that was really weighing me down
I know God is there so no longer do I frown
My body ace and I never know when I’m going to hit the floor
I have Epilepsy an invisible illness educate yourself please don't ignore
No it’s not contagious and being around me want make you sick
So when your calls and text are ignore I may have seized I'm not acting funny that’s not it
I have memory lost a lot of things I forget
I don’t entertain extra, stress or too much these days because in a hospital bed is where I will lay
Being in a cold hospital room by your self is no fun on any day
All this is doing is strengthen me now I see
If you no someone that has an illness support is one the biggest things you can do
That will brighten up their day and help them get through
Just remember one day it could be you
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm A Person To

I’m A Person To

You couldn't imagine what I deal with or face

Yeah I had to slow all the way down and come at this at a different pace

I'm a messenger so I have to finish this race

Don't look at me in disguise or disgrace

You see this is not some kind of game

They said never again will my life be the same

The GOD I serve that is just something I will not and cannot calm

Nor will I hold my head down in shame

When I have a seizure please don't freak

Don't get upset if I don't take your calls, text, emails or even speak

Educate yourself a little more because after a seizure for days I'm weak.

And all I want to do is sleep

Please do you best to be my friend

A helping hand is what I'm asking for you to lend

In the case you’re with me and I start to seize

Make sure you time it and place me on my side please

Don't leave me alone stay with me until the event subsides

Under 5 minutes should be no trouble

If in doubt call 911 on the double

Yes I have Epilepsy this is true

I'm still a person just like you

The only difference I'm over coming and going through

It would be best to educate yourself on my illness to

2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Real Talk Moment..... I Told You

I Told You

Let me go ahead and state the facts
You like me now how is that
When you can't even have my back
You thought I would settle because I was going through a few things
Don't get it twisted to the table in the mist of my storm I still have a lot to bring
Clearly you didn't know I am a Queen

I need the 3 P's Pray Provide and Protect
If that’s not what your offering trust I will be yelling Next
I’m upfront and blunt

I don’t have a problem telling you what I want
Yeah a relationship is a give and take
But if you’re not putting in the time or work how you expect to get the cake
I’m not cut from that cloth
Be a real man or get lost

Time cost and it’s expensive
I don’t like wasting mines did I mention
I told you in the beginning I had a lot on my plate
I gave you those options so you could decide if I was whom you wanted to date
I told you that if you stick you stuck you stay
Did you forgot because I gave you a play by play
I made my intentions know right away

I told you I don’t do one night stands jump offs cut buddies nor boo thang
I'm in preparation to be a wife awaiting the Ring
I’m like a job 3 days no text no call no show
There is no reason you need to contact me anymore

I don’t want nor need a temporary fix
So if all you’re offering or bring to the table is your stick
Keep it moving before I treat you like a trick
I told you Im the beginning I ain’t with Sh**

I made my intentions known
That’s just what you do when you’re grown
So please don’t come at me wrong

If you can’t make me a priority
Then my time you’re not worthy
I’m too old for stick and move
Baby I’m from the old school

You were so stuck on my outside beauty
You didn’t put in the time to pursue me
I told you I’m a Queen you have to date and court
Otherwise your time getting to know me would be cut short

Im a good woman and I’m just stating the fact
What you put out and give I will give back
So remember that when my performance start to slack
Loyal honest trustworthy and about business
If I don’t get the same in return I remove myself with quickness
I want someone that will go that extra mile
Do whatever it takes to make me smile
I don’t need you to take care of me but yeah you’re going to help
If I have to do it all on my own then I should be by myself

There is no I in team
Were here to build and help each other reach our dreams
I’m all about letting a man be a man
He needs to have a vision and a plan
You wonder why I don’t take you serious
When you’re not handling your business
I didn't have any boys therefore I don’t know how to raise no man
Even if I did that’s not something I want to do surely you understand
Clearly I’m not what you want to do
So I’m going to remove myself from this situation and let you do you boo
Chasing & running in behind a man I wouldn't know how to do if I tried to
I told you…..
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stop skipping Steps..The only three things a Man should want to change about his Woman are; Her last name, her address and her viewpoint on Men.

If your trying to be the man in her life and help her succeed There are 3 vital questions you need to be asking her..
1. What can I do to help you?
2. How can I make your life easier?
3. How can I be a better spouse?

If your not dating for a purpose then why are you dating? At some point in your life you got to want more out of life then stick and move..

She would love to be in a relationship but the way her feet are setup SHE don't chase "NO MAN and right now She is getting herself back together. So if one is interested in her they will respect it and assist in the transformation not push or rush her into nothing. One has to be consistent and persistent or you will become nonexistent...She's a young lady you have to date court and establish a friendship. All dating is, is interviewing someone over dinner, laughs, and good times. It's not sex...stop skipping the friendship going to the sexship.. We no we can sleep together what else are you offering..it has to be more then sex to get her attention. The only three things a Man should want to change about his Woman are; Her last name, her address and her viewpoint on Men.

She's gotten to a point in my life where everything she add to her life has to clearly be an addition! She looks at life like math, She don't add anything that's going to subtract from her or anything she's doing! She don't add stress, frustration, issues, complaints or anything that's not positive period! She looks at things day by day too. If something was adding on Monday but it's subtracting on Thursday, it wont be a part of her life on Friday! Life is a blessing & God made her for a purpose, and nothing can come before her purpose or take away from this blessing period! If it don't make her happy, better, money, benefit her or my life she ain't doing it..

Offer her something she cannot FIND within herself....She know what She can BRING to the TABLE....MATCH HER HUSTLE! Have more to offer than whats between your legs... She needs that knowledge in your head to help you both get some more bread..She's Focus, hard working and smart enough not to settle. She need someone who can appreciate that and match her hustle. Match her effort, respect her hustle support her ambition, uplift her spirit and value her loyalty...You have to add value to her life and she to yours. Its team work

He asked what's her name. Her response was Help..She told him not to mix it up with taking care of... It's HELP...

Nothing like knowing somebody cares enough to pay attention, they don’t always have to ask, they just know...Show her something she haven’t seen before. Teach her something new. The usual gets old fast..she needs that spontaneous, exciting, ever growing type thing. That normal “we’re just kicking it” stuff isn't for her..If its not inspiring her to make changes for the better, break bad habits, or experience new things, then what’s the point? If it's not about consistently doing whatever it takes to make the other smile or challenging her to be greater, she don’t need it. If its not about the simple things then she don’t want it. Her plate is FULL and if your not willing to help her remove whats on here plate...  why are you here...There is no I in team.. If your ready to build you already know all this...

A woman of substance won't come cheap and she won't come easy. If you want the best, be prepared to invest. A Mans Money Will Never Excite An Independent Woman..There is a HUGE difference in being picky and Having Standards...It’s 3 things she needs: trust, loyalty, and consistency. If any one of those is hard for you, You're not going to last. She will tell you...We Cant Be In A Relationship If you have no desire to be her partner in business, love, and life..A real woman don't do part time anything... in dealing with her you must be consistent & persistent or you will become non existent. Actions always prove why words mean nothing....That's the type of mindset you have to have. You don't have to explain to people why you're not into things that don't profit or benefit you..A good woman is cool, a great woman even better but a Queen can change your life. Respect her time. Match her effort. Always be honest. Stay consistent....Time tells all. If it's not really in their character, they won't remain consistent in doing it. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Relationships..... Respect, Love, Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, Support, Communication

In dealing with mature individuals! You Must be willing to work and put in...Everything is earn nothing is just given. ALL men/women have a motives! Make your intentions known and don't get mad when the other person make theirs known.. If your not on the same page move around. Its about choices...Everyone wants something..Don't ask them for theirs if you don't want them to ask you for yours. If your not on the same page move around. Its about choices... When you play games that's when unnecessary occur...STOP IT!!! Fellas a woman does what she wants it not always about you.. and if your lucky to get some its her choice not yours.. Just remember if she went in and you hadn't put in that will be the first and last time...If you want to keep going in then be willing to invest and put in....Once you stop she will stop..Real mean provide profess and protect... Remember this boys buy you things... Real men invest and build... Life is about transactions... Say what you mean mean what you say.. .Your word is all you have. No one can stand a liar

If you are seeking a jump off ,cut buddy, boo thang, your a serial dater, you're a man but still have little boy ways. Your still jumping from woman to woman, you're still thinking with the little head and not the right head, your selling dreams, dishonest ect.. you get the point. Make you intentions known stop playing with people feelings and games nine times out of time if

this is you your not ready for a relationship you just want a sexship..Ladies beware and make your intentions known to what you want in a relationship and from the person your dealing with....

Don't!!! Expect a SEAT if you don't bring absolutely NOTHING to the TABLE If You Date Know that your time, energy, effort, and money is an investment, not a gift. Being with a woman will always cost you, either in time, energy, money, or all three. Date when you can afford to....Buying her dinner doesn't entitle you to anything except a thank you

2013© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Despite of what's going on in my life right now I must continue to push!

Today is your day to start believing something good is going to happen to you! God is working in your life right now!! Know that it is all PRE-DESTINED! My purpose is much bigger than I'm realizing now! Encouraging words are always needed! When no one is there you have to encourage yourself. Sometimes it's good to just sit down and reflect, adjust and make the changes you need to become a better you. The power to inspire begins with the power to overcome! Behind my smile, is a story you would never understand! I only share bits and pieces with you..Despite of what's going on in my life right now I must continue to push!I had purpose before anyone had an opinion!! I have to Remember that!!!I choose to feed my insecurities courage! Submerging myself with the love of Jesus! Time to retreat!

Nobody knows what it's like to be you but YOU. Don't expect people to understand your situation when they're living a totally different one. Always go with your first mind. It's better to be safe than sorry. Learn to trust your intuition. You have it for a reason. Be good to others not for what they can do for you, but for what you do for the world every time you spread kindness. I keep losing focus on learning when my purpose is over or has shifted in a person's life. It's all about learning to ADJUST. More and more I'm receiving confirmation to step BACK. You have to learn to let things go even when you mean well and just want to help.

The most beautiful people I've known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. God bless the friend who sees my needs and reaches out a hand. Who lifts me up, prays for me and helps me understand that I don't have to go through the storm alone. If you don't struggle how will you ever know what JOY feels like....food for thought..Thanking God for all my struggles!!!There are days when I know I'm full of purpose but doubt if I will ever reach it! But God pushes me to continue!

Your lowest point is when the enemy comes in.... Kill him with knowing your word! God will put you in those uncomfortable places where ALL you can do is rely on Him. Don't be anxious, Hes about to show you He is faithful. Although you have been through some of the darkest valleys, He is going to take you to the brightest hilltops of Light in this season!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Going Through and Over Coming

Stop tripping over what people say about you while you're going through... It's just cheap shots from within their own messed up life... It's amazing how those not living according to God's standards will tell you how to do things right... Really? It truly isn't over until God says it's over.

If you're going through hell.. Keep going! Your breakthrough is coming. Don't give up, see the lesson and blessing in it. It's almost over. Speak affirmation over your life today. Whatever it is that your going through, you're coming out of it, believe that. God knows how much we can bare. so whatever your going through, know that your capable of over coming the situation. Over the last two years I think I have been going through the hardest time of my life. I know a blessing is coming soon. It's not about what you're going through but how you're coming out of it. Your struggles are over, you just have to walk in it and believe it.

Going through struggle is another sign that GOD loves you, because over coming that struggle makes you humble. You made it through that thing that everyone thought was going to be your DEMISE! Don't give up now your testimony will be GREAT! If you're going through it GOD built you for it. Get ready to come out. You have come to far because deep inside you knew you couldn't quit. 

Just when you think you are going through a lot it's always somebody who has it worst, makes you appreciate the little things. Whatever you're going through right now, remember that it's temporary. You have an opportunity to turn this test into your testimony. Your circumstance may be the help someone else needs not to give up. Go through it and tell your story... Their is always a blessing in every lesson. 

You can't solve a problem until you acknowledge the that you have one and accept responsibility  for solving it. Failure is an event not a person. Yesterday ended last night. Time to keep moving. You can't give up just because you hit a bump in the road. Think of all the roads that were carved out and all the bumps that were moved in order for the road to be paved. if the men that were digging new roads decided to up and quit just because they kept hitting bumps we would never have connected to all the different places we take for granted when visiting.  There is no blessing without the battle... but know this the battle is not yours 

Don't complain....Your not expected to be perfect, but your are expected to keep trying. If you fall short (and you will) try again. Jesus fell carrying his own cross to his own death. He didn't complain. He got back up again and kept going

If you have not ordered your GOING THROUGH & Over Coming T Shirt do so. Inbox me for details  Ms.K.Simpson

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Fundraiser....

My mission is to give back to my community by providing help others less fortunate. When you receive you blessings the truth is that they are not just for you. You should want to bless someone who may be going through their own personal storm.  My life may be a representation a Tsunami but I believe my deliverance in healing will come through my ministry that God had given me by helping others. How can I help you may ask? I want to help that mother that has fallen on hard times when she has rent due and still needs to provide food for their child(ren).  What about that teenager that feels she has no one who will sit and listen to her as she tries to figure out how she can attend college but have no money? What about that man that has been released from jail: and have no information on a job that will not look at his felony conviction but will give him a chance? But the one that touches a lot of people - the woman that has or is being abused physically, emotionally and mentally. I want to be a voice for the oppressed. I want to be that person that you can come to and know you don't have to face it alone. At times the people that are the closest to us are struggling and we don't even know. I want to be the person you can call me, walk into my office or see me on the streets and I will be able to assist you in getting whatever help it is that may be needed at that time.
I have my goals in this year to be able to assist 2 families to get school supplies and school uniforms. Then when the holidays come I would like to be able to bless at least 5 families for Christmas and Thanksgiving. God has allowed me to come through so many things in my life that I can honestly say that I know what it is to be homeless and lost without a cause. But God only allowed things that would in the end to be the building blocks of my ministry. I want to take the time now to thank each of you that have played a role in this dream and who have supported my endeavors or who will play the role that is for you.
The website that you may begin to contribute is http://www.gofundme.com/kayundrasimpson. Contributes may be as little $5 and go up from there.
Ms. Kayundra Simpson