Monday, August 17, 2015

Don't Give up

Don’t give up

The tears just won't stop from falling

It’s not a easy journey when your life has a calling

Mess coming at you left and right

Devil trying to throw you off and make you lose sight

Friends have all walked a way

You must keep GOD first and continue to pray

That Man telling you he wants you and he wants to build

Yet his action only show he's just out for a cheap thrill

He hasn't support invested or showed he’s got your back

Stop listening to what he's saying and look at all the facts

No one is there and this life you have just doesn't seem fair

You feel like your drowning and just want to come up for some air

So you get alone and sit still

You're trying to figure out why you should keep pushing to live this life you live

They see your outside never take the time to look within

We all have a past but they are still judging you from yours we all have sinned

You want to shut down and just walk away

But you have so many people depending on you to encourage, inspire and uplift them everyday

So you realize it’s not about you

But the calling on your life GOD is trying to instill in you

You’re just a vessel getting ready to do great things

Hold on a little while longer in time GOD will reveal what all this means

You have to go through to get to

Look at all Jesus went through

No one calls and check to see if you’re good

Oh but how you wish they would

No one calls to see if you want to go to church or bible study

But stay hitting you up when they need and want a club buddy

You’re trying your best to stay on the right track

Its seems as if all odds are against you don't let the devil take you back

Back to your old ways doing things like you did back in the day

Trust GOD and keep the faith

I guarantee if you do everything will be OKAY
2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Started Wrong

We started this wrong from the beginning
This thing we were doing is now coming to and ending See truth be told we were never friends 
No foundation was build or established so there's no need to pretend 

No you misunderstood the mission I had to make a lot of tough decisions hang on just listen!!!

Listen to what we were no more then just lovers 
That only got together when it was time to get under the covers.. 
An empty space we fulfill for one another
I must admit that Thang was the s***
and one hit it was to legit to quit
But realize this the love I had for you was beyond a quick hit
Beyond a quick fix
Baby your the ultimate wish like a pond full of tiny fish
But of course you're the big fish I try to get

We were a need to fill and empty space.
It was cool at the moment but now i'm at a different place.. 
What we are doing is no longer enough.
I want love affection my future and marriage of course
You laid it down and handled your business I'm not going to lie 
But where I'm at right now & trying to go your not there so its time to say good bye

Never say goodbye just say I will see you later
I can't get you outta my mind it's like wrestling an alligator
Damn like a hot potato you were to hot to handle like the show scandal
You drove me wild and I hope one day to see you walking down that aisle
Become my wife my life at any price

I didn't see this coming this took me fast.
I thought this was just a need to fill an empty space I was sure that what we were doing wouldn't last

You was the void that feel my life
I had no choice but to make you my wife 
Let's start over like training wheels on your first bike I hope you might!! 
You got my emotional for real
2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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