Thursday, July 19, 2018

Accepting My Disability

I've been disable now for a year
Its been hard but I'm still here
This journey is not one a lot of you could have made
I'm stating facts not throwing shade
It took me a while to see that my entire life had changed
Pushed some people away I had to learn how to deal with this pain and the fact my entire life had change
I had become bitter reckless and didn't love me
The mask has come off I can finally see
The direction GOD has for me
I went in on a stretcher came out on a walker then a wheelchair
I lost my independence just didn't seem fair nor if anyone cared
Some doors were closed that won't be reopen
Going through this had me lonely depressed suicidal and broken
On 7/20 the new chapter of my life will begin
This weak heart of mines they will start to mend
Whatever happens now know that I have peace within
God has been caring me through this storm
But this is not an ordinary storm I needed it for my life to transform
For him to pull out of me what I didn't see in myself
I was broke broken broke down I had nothing left
I fell laid on the floor for a day lost body fluids felt some kind of way
Couldn't move to call anyone so I started to pray
God's got me at the end of the day
The best part about a fall is when your able to get back up
I don't want your pity or you to feel sorry for me because you think I'm down on my luck
I want your encouragement for you see I didn't give up I can't won't do such
Sometimes you have to lose to win
Release some folks family and friend
With every test will be a amazing testimony
Some trial and struggles reveal the fake & phony
2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
 ~Ms.K.Simpson~ @MSKAYES

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


She's into you 

Showing you interest too
But chase you she refuses to do
Any kind of relationship takes two
So when you don't put in the time work and effort to pursue
Losing her & her interest you're about to do
The phone works both ways
Yet if she doesn't hit you up or reach out you won't call for days
Its 24hrs in a day it takes less than 30 seconds for a Hello or Hey
People make time for things and people they want to do
If you're what he wants in his life he will take the time to purse
Stop giving more than your getting back in return 
Don't set yourself up to get a broken hurt or get burned
The signs are there beware RUN
Looks like with you all he wants to do is have some FUN
 2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved ~Ms.K.Simpson~ @MSKAYES

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Let Me Be Your Peace

Let Me Be Your Peace You're doing a million and 1 things 
Building your empire following your dream Grinding daily by any means 
I'm attracted to your intellect 
The conversations so mind-blowing it gets me wet You're always on point in making me smile
 I'm digging you I like your style
 When you're with me all negativity I will help you release
 I'm just trying to be your peace 
The calm to your storm
 I'm not average so don't expect the norm 
Keeping you happy and extremely satisfied 
Here is my application I just applied.....
 I play for keeps not that chick on the side
 See I'm a Queen I'm not one you can hide 2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved ~Ms.K.Simpson~ @MSKAYES

Monday, April 23, 2018

I Wonder Why

I wonder why
People say good things about you when you die 
Heart felt makes some cry 
But can't check on you when your alive
Yet will show out at your demise
 Acting a fool and telling lies
 I wonder why
 It shouldn't take a quote pic or post for someone to check on you
 Especially when they know what your going through
 I wonder Why 
Yet they watching you liking your quotes and pics
 But can't call send a text stop by hmmm some of y'all need to quit.
 If something happen to you they would feel real bad 
But you never made time now that's sad
 I wonder why
 People quick to bring up your past
  See the changes your making or made that's a conversation that wont last
 I wonder why
 Everyone is busy and have things going
  When are you coming to show your love ones that going through some love when GOD calls them home 
                                                                       I wonder why
2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved ~Ms.K.Simpson~

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Don't come for me that just wouldn't be good 
We all have a past but you want to sit up 

And talk about mines as if you don't have one

Don't get it misunderstood 

The difference between me and you
Is I'm not ashamed of anything I've done 
you must be because about my past your 
Mouth you want to run
This is your only warning hon 
I come with a warning label so
Please proceed with caution 
You on some little BOY/GIRL shit 
I'm trying to build empire I'M BOSSIN
Let me tell my own story I don't need a narrator
But that pillow talking you doing
About me is the move of a hater 
Classy Sassy Sexy with a little bit of HOOD 

Please don't come for me that just wouldn't be GOOD
2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved ~Ms.K.Simpson~

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Keep Calm

Keep Calm I'm going through a storm 
So when you see me don't be alarmed
You may see me on my walker
Stop and say hello I'm still a talker
You may see me with my cane
Oh how I hide the pain
But when you see me in my wheelchair 
Please don't stare I have a disability yes I'm aware
I will not argue stress nor do the drama
Being in this chair has taught me to be humble
Its hard I'm not going to lie
Every single day I cry
The Hospital is my second home
Funny cause when I go I'm all alone
That's where I get the strength to hold on and be strong
I have my weak moments when I want to throw in the towel
Close your mouth I know so many are saying not you WOW
Depression is real 
I'm no longer holding back or sparing anyone's feelings 
I'm going to tell you actually how I feel
I'm not forcing relationships with family or friends
I have real health issues I don't care who this offends
This is the only body I have to live in
It's not selfish I'm just putting myself first and learning to take care of me 
as well as my body
I've done so much for so many in the past
Amazed at how some are not there for me right now when I would give them my last
I forgive you but I'm paying close attention
There is no animosity or any tension
2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved ~Ms.K.Simpson~

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

She Got Pain

She got Pain all in her chest 
Lord, please let her rest
Her bad days are starting to out way the good
Sleep she wishes she could 
Pain so intense it has her up all times of the night
Depression setting in she's fighting with all my might
Most of you see the good days but never the bad
Many ignored, wrote off, didn't check on her she's not even mad
It gave her more strength than she thought she had
Some days she has no strength to get out the bed or cook
Stay tuned this is going to be a helluva book
2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved ~Ms.K.Simpson~