Saturday, March 14, 2020

A couple of foevers

I asked for a couple of forevers
Instead, I got no’s and not ever
I finally realized that forever is a long time to love someone who doesn't satisfy your soul the way the satisfy your body 
I’m more than just a hobby
I asked for a couple of forevers 
Not a temporary fix
At the stage in life, it has to be more than a hit and quit
That ghosting disappearing ignoring me and my calls I ain’t with that shit
I’ve addressed these issues so many times
Giving you chance after chance but this time you crossed the line
I’m seeking a couple of forevers with someone I can spend a lifetime
I took back all the power I gave you and decided to leave
Not because I didn’t love you and didn’t care
This Queen requires a man that’s going to be there
Not disappear and shut down when things are not going his way or unfair
I’m not leaving because I don’t want you
I'm not leaving because I don't care or love you
I’m leaving because forever is just too long to keep disappointing me
I’ve given all I had now I’m releasing you and setting you free
I was foolish to think things would get better and things would change
Just like you were foolish to believe I would stick around  allow you to hurt me and inflect me more pain
Kayundra Simpson is my name…… 
2020©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
 ~Ms.K.Simpson~ @MSKAYES

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