Sunday, February 25, 2018

In the blink of an eye

My life changed in the blink of an eye

Days weeks months still now I cry

I went from the top to the bottom

What hurt was to see family and so call friends treat me rotten

From Stretcher to walker to 

Its days I still can't get out the bed

Don't let my pics and post have you mislead

My daughters and grandchildren are my life support

Without them I would have given up my life would've been cut short

When I couldn't dress & feed my self I started to cry

This Is an adjustment I'm not going to lie

I will not let you play the victim in my story

When I speak I speak with authority

My entire life has changed

Never again will it nor I be the same

I'm not handicap but have several disabilities

Which has humbled me down for no one do I have animosity or hostility 

I"m not reopening any doors that closed

In with the new out with the old

You counted me out now watch how this unfold
2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved ~Ms.K.Simpson~

Monday, February 19, 2018

Are you The Right one?

When the right one comes communications will be a priority in the relationship, You gotta be ready for them! He will want more than just your body, he knows the difference between Sex and Romance! He will celebrate the Woman that YOU are! You will make necessary adjustments to make it work without changing your entire life! They will know how to apologize and they will also know how to forgive.There will be nothing that's withheld from one another. They won't be Judgmental of you but living with Grace! You will both work together for the success of each other's Dreams. You will agree to disagree! His lady will have respect for him because he has mutual respect for her. You can weather the storm together! He's a man and not a boy! You will not ever second guess if they are the right one. It will speak for itself! You will wish for them to always be around not to stay away! They will no what to say and how to say it and when to say it! You will complete one another! They will take your breath away! You would have made space for them in your entire life! They will make the Long Journey worth it! All fears of being hurt again will leave! He will make you feel safe and secure! You will want to spend a lifetime with them! You can build a future together that will last a lifetime! You will only know the right one because you had so many wrong ones! When the right one comes they would have already unpacked all their pass baggage! He will know how to talk to you! You can be as transparent as you want to be not worrying if they will judge You, He will ask for a list of your favorite things and work on it item by item! He will send flowers just because....They will be your greatest encourager, You will appreciate Him for all he does for you!I t will be about YOU and them & you won't let outside forces get in between the bond you have! You can't ask for something and not be ready to receive! Are you truly ready for the right one to come? Are you the right one....