Sunday, May 10, 2015

Calling It How I see It

You care

How when your never there

You don't free your time for me

Yet when you have free time its me you think your suppose to see

People make time for what they want to do

If you can't make me a priority then you need to get on down boo

I've been through far to much

I see the signs you got me messed up

Come at me correct or don't come at all

I assure you at this point I wont send another text or make a call

Your giving me excuse but I'm the tripping be patient you say you just be busy

Obama is running the country and he still makes time for the Mrs 

You say my mouth is to slick 

If you were doing your part that's not something you would have to worry with

I'm all about you out here grinding and handle your business

I don't have time for all that extra so I'm not going to be malicious

I'm going to get real quiet and remove myself with a quickness

Time cost and its expense

I don't like wasting mines but you wonder why I'm defensive

At this point its not what you say its what you do

I'm done talking If i'm what you want its all up to you
2015© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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