Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Assure you.....

I assure you its more to me then a pretty face
Now tell me are you up for the race
You have to be consistent and persistent too
Other wise in my heart I wont have a place for you

See I did it the other way for oooooh so long
I require much more the bar is set in case you didn't know yes I'm grown
 I know longer want to do it all on my own..

With a smile on my face as bright as the morning sun
I'm ready to love again... my new life has just begun

I've step out of the old and into the new
I'm grateful for all I've been through.
Its taught me how to love again and be true
Come get me I'm ready for you boo

Submission I know you thought it was a tool that I lacked
Laughing you cant give everyone everything y make them prove they wanted more of you then  just getting you in the sack
Not just that but make sure their someone that will always have your  back

I said it before I'm going to say it again
I'm to old for a temporary fix
Get your grown man on I"m not impressed how good you can work your stick 
That's what impress those sideline chick

Talk to me about how we can become as one 
Making moves start business grind together now that will stimulate me and really make me cum
See I require more then Intimacy and you paying a few bill
 I'm grown woman at this point in my life I'm ready to settle down and that's Real
Copyrights©2012 KayundraSimpson
Real Talk What Others Are Afraid to say Volume 2 Coming 2013 get ready..

Raise the bar... Stop Settling..

YOu have to want more then just sex or being the boo thang where are your standards.....
Physical attraction has a lot of folks emotionally exhausted. Just because they look good to you, doesn't mean that they're good for you. Never run after someone who isn't fit to walk beside you. As men you shouldn't come for women you aren't ready to commit to, and you  shouldn't commit to women you can't support. What she's bringing to the table doesn't really matter if you aren't first bringing the table. It's relationship, not relationSHOP. You want someone who supports your needs, not someone who sponsors your habits. When you stop looking for love with your eyes, you find that your heart was never really into what you were entertaining. Sex appeal will get you great sex, but doesn't promise you a great mate. I require substance not a easy lay. That's my choice..Boasting about doing a good deed takes the good out of the deed. You give up your reward when you lobby for public praise. Think about how blessed you'll be when you can identify a liar before they open their mouth. You don't get this type of keenness partying. You can't see people/things for who or what they really are without spiritual discernment. You'd rather pray than party - That's not lame, that's wise. Too much partying will kill you, too much praying will bless you and others. You're not boring because you don't go out and do what everyone else is doing; you're different. People tend to believe settling down and leaving the party scene would make them boring. Thats a foolish mindset. Don't be a fool. You have to be willing to push your social life to the side to enhance your spiritual life. We make time for what we want. That in itself tells you how much people want to improve. How much time do they make for improvement? If being me isn't good enough for you, you don't need to be there. A woman who respects her body, and guards her thoughts is an absolute gem.If she respects herself enough not to give it up, you should have sense enough to hold her down.  If it's easy for him to get you in his bed, it'll be just as easy for him to put you out of his house. Im just saying you know  you can sleep with someone but what else do you have to offer come on now.. At some point in your life you have to say enough is enough and want more out of life then just SEX...Things that come easy are usually forgotten quickly. If he or she doesn't love you beyond your faults, they won't pray for your needs - You don't need em.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

5 Tips For The Open Minded Woman/ 5 Tips For The Wise Man

1. If a man feels he isn't needed or wanted, he'll stop trying. Don't make him feeling like he's working for nothing

2. A wise woman knows the importance of speaking life into her man. If you love him: Believe in him, encourage him, & be his peace

3. You can't make him feel unnecessary, and then ask him for effort. It's all about give and take

4. Good men are out there and they're available. However, having a pessimistic attitude won't help you find them

5. Change your circle and change your surroundings. If your activities are limited, your options will be too

5 Tips For The Wise Man

1. You want the woman that challenges you. If you always go for the easy 1's, don't complain when you don't get the good 1's

2. If all she asks for is consistency, truth, & love, don't make her feel like she's asking for too much. Step up

3. If you know you can't be the man she needs, let her go. Don't get her hopes up just to let her down.

4. Don't let convenient, easily available women cause you to be impatient with a genuinely deserving woman's time

5. Don't give up easy. Don't be lazy. Don't expect to get out more than you put in.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Other woman listen up....

Let's be clear & real! A man isn't cheating with you because you are so good at being the other woman. He's cheating with you because you aren't good enough to be his woman. I think its crazy that women brag about being the "GO TO" woman when the man gets bored at home & then yall try to put down & laugh at a real woman for being 100 with her man. But you are the one who should feel DUMB. Because 
you are the sideline chick, yall are a SECRET! Learn what a real woman is & what she can do she is far from weak,She is there with him through the UPS & DOWNS, But knows her breaking point, She is his ONLY woman, Who knows how to carry the load for him & her both with out him even knowing it. She know how to speak to HIS SPIRIT & NOT JUST HIS LUSTS, She knows how to encourage him towards his DREAMS instead of pulling him to DESTRUCTION, She knows how To PRAY with him & not PLAY with him, She knows the value of his hard work & not just his dollar. He knows that he can throw a few dollars & a few material possessions your way & that's all you will ever expect. The other woman makes it easy for a man, but a real woman make it easy for herself by makin him EARN & not buy her & in the end she will have the last laugh. Because not only is she getting the $$$ but she also has his heart! If your the O.T.H.E.R. woman, IT STANDS FOR: AN OVER PLAYED TOY HE EVENTUALLY RELEASES. IF YOU KNOW YOUR MAN HAS ANOTHER WOMAN ON THE SIDE & YOU ALLOW IT...* YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF* ALL YALL CAN DO BETTER!!! (JUST MY OPINION) BE SOMEONE WIFE WITH BENEFITS & NOT JUST A SIDE LINER WITHOUT BENEFITS. #I'M JUST SAYIN KNOW YOUR WORTH..

Random Thoughts

You can’t always control who you lose but you can control who you hold on to, just make sure they’re worth it. Sometimes you just need to remove certain people from your life. If they don’t see your vision, they’ll compromise your mission. Great people can’t come into your life if you keep holding on to pointless people and allowing them to block the door. Stop letting people just “chill” and take up space in your life. Make sure their presence has a purpose. Beware of those who claim to care more when their actions show you that they could care less.

If you show me somebody you feel you can’t expect anything from, I’ll show you somebody you don’t need in your life. Don’t avoid having basic expectations. You should expect the people who claim to care about you to show it, & in more ways than one. When you care about something, you protect and cherish it; your “care” should make it better. If they aren't helping you dream bigger, inspiring you to work harder, or motivating you to do better, you don't need them. It’s simple math: if people aren't adding value to your life then they need to be subtracted.

We're all impressionable. If you want to get ahead make sure you start the process by putting yourself around the right influences. Some people will be around just to be around, don't let them. You need to be around people who have a sense of purpose & direction. Anytime you say "easier said than done" you're making an excuse for why you can't do what you know is necessary. If you’re trying to go places in life you can’t keep following the people who are content with just going anywhere. Letting go may be easier said then done, but just because it isn't easy doesn't mean it isn't necessary.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

You like me

You like me

You like me but you actions don't show that
I have had enough no more taking you back
I'm tired of all those I'm sorrys I'm paying attentions to the facts

We have done this back and forth for a minute
I'm sorry I just don't have the time or energy to put back in it

I don't doubt that you don't love me 
But you can't meet me half way
I've had enough of the empty promise 
Its time for me to see brighter day

This shouldn't catch you by surprise
If you were really paying attention 
You would've seen  all the hurt and pain in my eyes
I've taking enough I'm done with all your lies
At this point its time to cut all ties 
Copyrights©2012 Kayundra Simpson

Girl Talk....

When a man truly loves you, he will show you with his actions & not his words. So why your sitting there crying, worrying and stressing or maybe being depressed. He's probably laying to another woman that he left you for. Not even caring how your feeling.. He is sleeping like a Newborn and your all over there can't sleep,  blowing his phone up text in ect. If this man truly cares for you, then he would have never left or cheated. So instead of doing all that extra and yes it do hurt been there and done it a time or two. Change your way of thinking and be thankful that God allowed this to happen before it was to late. Sometime in life. God allows us to go through certain things to prepare us for what is yet to come.. Ok you loved him but get over it.. Start living for you. Began to love you.. Fall so deep in love with God... I know your saying yeah I here all that,  but you don't want to be alone and by yourself.. Well with God your never alone.. So your next thing is your talking about the physical of having a companion. We all long for that but not settle and accept anything just to be with a Man... The healing starts with you., You have to make the choice what do I really want for my life.. Happiness starts with you.. You don't need a man to find true happiness. You should already have that when he enters your world.. So dry your eyes and find something else productive to do with yourself and your time... No matter how bad your situation may look, God has the ability to turn it around & work it out for the good. Just be patient & trust that he can do it.

Stop just settling for anything just to say you have a man.. If you don't make him work then you allow anything... Quality time is sooo valuable in a relationship it doesn't matter how busy someones schedule is, If he is important to you they will make time for you...NO LIES, NO EXCUSES, NO BROKEN PROMISES. Because quality time & affection means everything especially when you're trying to get to know someone...Because what you won't do, the next person will do. Stop just settling for a late night call a light night hit and run...No matter how good of a woman or man you are to your significant other. You'll NEVER be good enough...If he or she ain't ready.

Stop talking down on your relationship on social networking sites... Don't let other people know your home ain't happy. It only lets outsiders know they are welcome to come in...If you & your mate ever have a disagreement or problem at home... PRAY ABOUT IT & LEAVE IT IN GODS HANDS. 

Have a blessed day everyone be a blessing to someone else.. Ms.K.Simpson...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stop entertaining everything...

Some battles just aren’t worth winning. Know what to ignore. Something’s just don’t deserve to be addressed. Life gets a lot easier when you realize you don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to. Why waste time talking about it if you really don’t care about it? “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” - Matthew 12:34 be blessed everyone Ms.K.Simpson

Real Talk Moment Lets Go.....

How many times can you accept an apology for the same mistake, before you realize that "mistake" will keep happening. Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're the only one who's struggling, who's frustrated, or barely getting by, but you're not alone. Don't hang onto feelings like hurt, anger or pain. They still away your feelings for happiness. Don't let someone else control what you do in life. It's your decisions, your outcomes, your life. Yesterday was yesterday, focus on today. Stop letting the unimportant things matter to you. Some people will do their best to watch you be miserable, don't let them. Don't always look for happiness, create it. Every story has an ending. But in life, sometimes an ending is just a new beginning. The hardest decisions are often the right ones. It's better to let go with a smile, than to hold on with tears...

 Don't judge people until you truly know them. The truth might surprise you...You're not supposed to look back, you're supposed to keep looking forward. You never really stop loving someone, you just learn how to live without them..Sometimes you have to stop caring, to see if they will start..It's an amazing feeling when the person you have feelings for, finally opens up to you. Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you. Once you stop chasing the wrong things, the right ones catch you.  Life is like an elevator. There are ups and downs, but in the end, you control which direction it goes. Relationships are like sharing a book, it doesn't work if you're not on the same page. Be with someone who brings out the best in you. It's what you deserve. Don't spend your whole life waiting and hoping for that one person, just live and enjoy life, and life will find a way. It may be difficult right now, but in the end, we'll find a way.. Enjoy your day everyone feel free to share.. Ms.K.Simpson... Join my blog lets inspire each other...