Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You make me feel safe

You make me feel safe 

You’re like the calm to my storm 

I feel safe in your arms 

Your spirit I feel in my soul 

I hope you don’t mind me being a little bold 

I want to cater to you and please you in every way 

That is my main objective each and every day 

They say it take 21days to form a habit 

In one I knew I was going to need a straight jacket 

Because I knew you were going to have me crazy in love 

I also knew a challenge this was 

You’re different but also unique 

You’re everything I seek 

Don’t take this as me being weak 

I’m just telling you how I feel 

With you a friendship and more I would like to build 

I’m not in a rush but yes I know what I want 

It’s you I’m not going to front 

I pray for you each and every night

If you hadn't noticed your someone I really like 

I think about you and a smile comes across my face 

With you I always feel safe
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm Uniquely created by the Master of Creativity

I'm Uniquely created by the Master of Creativity

I'm Uniquely created by the Master of Creativity

I'm Uniquely created for a God given Purpose I'm Uniquely created with Motivations to succeed

My success may not be your success but remember

Each of us are Uniquely Created so what may tickle me fancy just may not be for you

Alone time does me all the good in the world, sometimes I can hear him speak with just a small whisper

I'm his Uniquely created girl

You may see my pics and many love all the smiles

But you can't imagine how many tap dances have been done on my heart

I can't even remember but it's thousands of miles

Because I'm Uniquely created many will never/don't understand who I am

I've done all the Glitz and Glam at this point I know who I am

I cherish the air I breath the earth that I walk on the people that I walk among

The life that I have lived and the life I continue to pray for

Soon very soon God will send me that Man/Partner/My Boaz

Because I know he created me

Unique and for me he has created Him the one who will see me as his moon, his sun, and his stars.

Because I was created by my Master of Creativity who Uniquely created Me

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I have Epilepsy but it won’t have me

I smile because I have no more tears to cry
I stopped complain and asking GOD why
I got over the bruises and my hair falling out
Weight lost & all the things I can no longer do Jesus take the wheel I started to shout
I didn't feel pretty for a while
Attitude was really fowl
Had a hard time accepting I lost my Independence
I felt like I was serving a life sentence
So many said they would be there and had my back
I look around and wonder where their at
Asking others to do for me I don't no how to do
This is when I came to my source and said lord I trust you
I don't no what your doing but you in control
Lord take my hand because without you I can't make it down this road
It seems I had no support system and that was really weighing me down
I know God is there so no longer do I frown
My body ace and I never know when I’m going to hit the floor
I have Epilepsy an invisible illness educate yourself please don't ignore
No it’s not contagious and being around me want make you sick
So when your calls and text are ignore I may have seized I'm not acting funny that’s not it
I have memory lost a lot of things I forget
I don’t entertain extra, stress or too much these days because in a hospital bed is where I will lay
Being in a cold hospital room by your self is no fun on any day
All this is doing is strengthen me now I see
If you no someone that has an illness support is one the biggest things you can do
That will brighten up their day and help them get through
Just remember one day it could be you
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved