Saturday, November 16, 2013

I know what Pain is.....

I Know What Pain Is

I know what pain is do you? Some of you have never experience such... You've always had someone to bail you out and be there.. A lot of the things I have endured a lot of you couldn't have handled. You would have thrown in the towel a long time ago... Someone asked me why are you so strong? Why do you seem unattached and unemotional... Well at this point in my life people have to show me not tell me what they are about or going to do. Their words and actions have to align or I just don't take them serious, nor do I put too much thought or time into it...

Life lesson have taught me to be strong and keep my guard up.. What's funny to me is when people try to hurt me. Save that energy and time. Ive already experienced the worst kind of pain. While your trying to prey on me I'm praying for you.... this is not my first rodeo you can't run that with me.. Sometimes yes I over analyze things. When people try and hurt me I smile at them... The pain I have already endured will last me a life time. Nothing someone tries to do to me, I do mean nothing can top that.. So miss me with all that. I know what real pain feels like. I got over that.. So anything else doesn't even measure up. You can keep that..

I've never been a dummy I know what’s going on before you even say it.. A lot of times I just don't say nothing..

I’m putting all my ducks in a row.. See a person will lose emotions and become unattached before that actual say something or address the issue.

Let alone walk away and leave you wondering what happen. That’s why I believe in treating people how I want to be treated. What goes around comes back around.

I had to learn the hard way everyone is not for me and everyone don’t have my best interest at heart.. Yet that’motivates me to go out and get what I want, Succeed at what I’m trying to do. When I pray I pray that GOD will put the right people in my path to take me higher and remove the ones that don’t mean me any good..

Just because I don’t address everything don’t mean I’m not paying attention.. What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained. I pay attention to everything.. So please never underestimate me!!!!! Built in a small frame my motto’s stay the same. Upfront and blunt a woman who will Speak her mind. I dont have time to waste your time nor mines. .

I've been Homeless, car less, motherless, fatherless hadn't eaten in days.. Walked up and down the streets wondering where I would stay. In the mist of it all I still gave God the praise.
Yet I still keep going.... So you see for me FAILURE IS NOT A OPTION... I HAVE TO KEEP GRINDING.. My greatest assets are those things I've endured already.... At the end of pain is success.... I can't feel a lot of pain.. I've already been alone, being down and out. It’s not a lot of hurt at this point I can feel.. I have felt so much... already which has only made me stronger. You don't have to understand me I understand that God has a purpose for my life and that's what I'm hungry for it...

I can't quit it’s just not in me. I have been through far too much... to give up now.. I look at when I was down to nothing... My phone didn't ring. I couldn't get a ride to the store yet a ride to go hang out with so call friends.. The excuse you live to far I don't want to drive all the way out there and so on and so on.. I just smiled.. I use to hear so many times from folks….. I don't worry about you I know you will be ok you’re a hustler... LOL well I need someone to worry, someone to show me they care.. I’ve been doing it for so long on my own because I thought that's what I was supposed to do.. I get so sick and tired of people only acknowledging me when everything is alright.. Where are you when things are not alright.. See things and situations have just taught me a lot about myself and people... Yet I don't judge you I just keep going.. People make time for things and people they want to do.

Yeah some days it hurt for me to have these feeling that I’m in this world all by myself.. Truth of the matter I’m not.. God sometimes have to remove people so that when you get back where he wants you. You can give him all the glory. So don’t think you’re ever alone.. What we can’t see is God moving on our behalf. His timing his perfect will for our life.. All we need to do is sit down and be still.. I know of all people that is not an easy task. I wonder if any of you know what that feels like or have ever had those feeling that you’re all alone. It seems like everyone has turned their back on you because you’re going through a test right now.. I’m here to tell you it’s ONLY a TEST… When God wants all of your attention he will strip you from everything so that you can’t do anything but call and depend on him. You think he is punishing you… When he is actually protecting you..

I shouldn't be the only one reaching out to family and so called friends... Yet it seems as if I don't then we really want talk. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, don’t wait till it’s too late to tell love ones and close friends you love them. Check on them, be a blessing to someone. You never know what one is going through

One thing I can say every life lesson I've applied, I just refuse to keep repeating test.. I carry so much that at times my mind gets overloaded. So these things are the things that push me to keep going.... When you’re down and out..... that’s when you can tell who is real and who is not. Don't just call me when you want to kick it, or when you want to gossip.... I don't have the time or energy for that.. I'm at a new place in my life and it feels so good. I've kicked enough to last me a life time.. Now I'm building my empire... So you wonder why I’m so hard and so strong...

I will be successful I want it just as bad as the air I breathe... There is no turning back or stopping me now. I thank all of the ones that mistreated me, told me NO didn't want to give me a ride, pick me up, left me stranded, didn't call unless they needed something. used me abused me and the list goes on.....Closing out the old walking into my Destiny.... Forgiving everything and everyone that has tried to hurt and mistreat me knowingly and unknowingly
~ Ms.K.Simpson~

Friday, November 15, 2013

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Snippet... from Real Talk..
My Phone
Let me put you on blast
I promise not to take you fast
You're the one calling my phone
Telling me I need to leave your MAN of 10 years alone
Do you see how this is about to go terribly wrong?
My first thought was how did you get my number?
You had to go through his phone
I'm laughing as I listen to you tell me
You all been Together for 10 years and got 2 children
You sleep with him
Every night at his place where you call home
I'm still trying to process this you got all this going
on Yet you’re on the other end of MY PHONE!!!
2011© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Snippet: from God Gave Me This Talent..

A New Christian
I’m a new Christian that’s alright
I've made the switch The devil is trying to turn me back with all his might
I've never been one to back down from a fight
I have the right man representing me now so I know I will be alright
Making the switch is not an easy task
I get a joyous feeling just knowing
God will supply all my needs, all I have to do is ask
So who are you to judge me when
God as already forgiving me for everything I've done in my past
2009© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Its Not that I'm afraid of commitment. I'm not committing to someone who won't commit to me

Just because the WRONG person didn't appreciate you, don't lose hope for the RIGHT person! You love being wined and dined until you realize the man doing it will never love you. He just wanted desert...If you're not giving it from your heart, you're better off keeping it. Being who God made you to be, won't fit everyone's taste buds.. Your a required taste and your not the flavor for everyone. Just the right one. Always remember even if someone picks up your cup because they like the way its decorated, They won't sip from it long... Because your a required taste and the wrong taste buds won't be able to handle it... Its not always that they aren't feeling you. Its not always that they don't have some type of care for you. Sometimes its' as simple as this..... You have standards that are higher than they're willing to step up to, so they'll settle for less before leaving their comfort zone. Let them GO, let them fly and be happy in knowing that your a come up.

I don't play disrespect, I don't play dishonesty, I don't play inconsideration and.... I don't play sticking around to see whether or not your wanna learn how to be any of the above. If it's not already present, I'm already a thing of the past. If we happen to meet again in the future and it's there, we'll see where it takes us. As for know...... I'm gonna stand on what I won't settle for less than... Call it what you want... I call it standards and I'm to old and grown to play with anyone. Or allow someone to take me out of character.. I have a purpose and work to do. I'm not going to let anything or anyone stand in the way of that.. I"m truly about making my MARK and doing what GOD needs me to do.. Distractions I cant do

A woman will leave you emotionally long before she leaves you physically. You might still "see" her, but you will no longer have her! Women need constant attention, affirmation & validation. If she doesn't get if from you, she'll get it someplace else. A man will do anything to get you in bed. This attitude will change once he's already had you in bed! It pays to know your worth....Men value their time and their money. You'll know whether or not he's genuinely interested based on how he invests both in you..

If you paid full price & got half service you would complain. It's not "nagging" when a good woman won’t settle for a half-ass version of you......If you want a woman to stay, give her hope! If you want a woman to leave, give her doubt! Learn to accept people for who they are. Learn to reject them for that same reason.

Relationships work best when a couple is supportive of each others goals.. If your not her cheerleader and not supporting here dream and passion.. Its only a matter of time before she will be dismissing you.. If she feels she can't share those big moments of her accomplishment with you and your her man and she has to call the next... Well your pretty much out of there.. Turn down your worth for no one. A woman will tell you how to get her and how to keep her all you have to do is listen and pay attention. When she finds herself talking about the same thing everyday that y'all talked about at the beginning.. that's draining her and she feels one you wasn't listening or two you just don't give a damn....Pay attention, listen and most of all be support of what she is doing...Dust settles...people don't. Remember, you've got options. A single lady who doesn't make men her primary focus will always have options - A single lady who thirsts for men will always be single...Women know much more than they let on - she might let you think you're in control, but trust me your really not.. All women don't like flowers, but i'm one that does.... the fact you were thinking of her is the gesture she loves ... let her know with more than a text..She eventually outgrows her attraction to ass holes ... catch up, brother. An interested woman will be as obvious as she can without being blatant...please pay attention to the obvious. She's specific. She's particular. She's exact. Pay attention to her details or someone else will.