Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Its Not that I'm afraid of commitment. I'm not committing to someone who won't commit to me

Just because the WRONG person didn't appreciate you, don't lose hope for the RIGHT person! You love being wined and dined until you realize the man doing it will never love you. He just wanted desert...If you're not giving it from your heart, you're better off keeping it. Being who God made you to be, won't fit everyone's taste buds.. Your a required taste and your not the flavor for everyone. Just the right one. Always remember even if someone picks up your cup because they like the way its decorated, They won't sip from it long... Because your a required taste and the wrong taste buds won't be able to handle it... Its not always that they aren't feeling you. Its not always that they don't have some type of care for you. Sometimes its' as simple as this..... You have standards that are higher than they're willing to step up to, so they'll settle for less before leaving their comfort zone. Let them GO, let them fly and be happy in knowing that your a come up.

I don't play disrespect, I don't play dishonesty, I don't play inconsideration and.... I don't play sticking around to see whether or not your wanna learn how to be any of the above. If it's not already present, I'm already a thing of the past. If we happen to meet again in the future and it's there, we'll see where it takes us. As for know...... I'm gonna stand on what I won't settle for less than... Call it what you want... I call it standards and I'm to old and grown to play with anyone. Or allow someone to take me out of character.. I have a purpose and work to do. I'm not going to let anything or anyone stand in the way of that.. I"m truly about making my MARK and doing what GOD needs me to do.. Distractions I cant do

A woman will leave you emotionally long before she leaves you physically. You might still "see" her, but you will no longer have her! Women need constant attention, affirmation & validation. If she doesn't get if from you, she'll get it someplace else. A man will do anything to get you in bed. This attitude will change once he's already had you in bed! It pays to know your worth....Men value their time and their money. You'll know whether or not he's genuinely interested based on how he invests both in you..

If you paid full price & got half service you would complain. It's not "nagging" when a good woman won’t settle for a half-ass version of you......If you want a woman to stay, give her hope! If you want a woman to leave, give her doubt! Learn to accept people for who they are. Learn to reject them for that same reason.

Relationships work best when a couple is supportive of each others goals.. If your not her cheerleader and not supporting here dream and passion.. Its only a matter of time before she will be dismissing you.. If she feels she can't share those big moments of her accomplishment with you and your her man and she has to call the next... Well your pretty much out of there.. Turn down your worth for no one. A woman will tell you how to get her and how to keep her all you have to do is listen and pay attention. When she finds herself talking about the same thing everyday that y'all talked about at the beginning.. that's draining her and she feels one you wasn't listening or two you just don't give a damn....Pay attention, listen and most of all be support of what she is doing...Dust settles...people don't. Remember, you've got options. A single lady who doesn't make men her primary focus will always have options - A single lady who thirsts for men will always be single...Women know much more than they let on - she might let you think you're in control, but trust me your really not.. All women don't like flowers, but i'm one that does.... the fact you were thinking of her is the gesture she loves ... let her know with more than a text..She eventually outgrows her attraction to ass holes ... catch up, brother. An interested woman will be as obvious as she can without being blatant...please pay attention to the obvious. She's specific. She's particular. She's exact. Pay attention to her details or someone else will. 

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