Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wake Up

Ain't it funny that when your going through those people you thought were your friend no long have time for you. When you guys use to talk everyday all through the day.. Now your down on your luck your calls go unanswered.. You can't get a return call, but you can get a text that says I'm busy.. Yet the phone call is not ever returned.. Makes you think don't it.. Open up your eyes.. Sometime God allows certain thing and situation to occur to open your eyes to protect us.. It's time to focus on God and yourself..... everything else will fall in place.. Don't worry about what they wouldn't or didn't do. The God you serve will supply all your needs all you have to do is ask trust and believe.. 

Every experience you go through is to teach you, to be a lesson learned.. Sometimes God has to break you all the way down to get your undivided attention.. Don't take this as he is punishing you.. He is just setting you up for the bigger things he has for you.. He is removing those so call friends, temporary fixes,.. Those people that you thought would be there no matter what. He is showing you that he is God... who you can and can't depend on. He is setting you up, putting the right things,people and place in your path to take you higher.. See the thing about being down at ROCK bottom. You lose all sense of pride.. YOU see things in a whole different light. You see people for who they really are... The devil is not to blame for everything. Some of it is just your stupidity, and bad choices... Learn from it.... Or you will keep repeating that test over and over til you get it..

Open your eyes learn the difference from the ones that say they care and they are checking on you... and the ones that's just calling to be noisy to sit up and talk about you. Know the difference.. One that's checking on you is not asking you 21 question. Interrogation you like they are the police.. Open your eyes people. You have those out that love when you are down.. That boost them up so much.. They do and say things to you that they would not do to you if you were not in your situation...

Now they can ride with you when you up.... You get all kind of calls about going out going here going there.. They will come pick up the whole 9... Just as soon as your faced with diversity.. You call and asked can you get a ride, get a meal ect.. The phone calls stop. You call and everything you call they are to busy they have to call you back.. Or did everything work out for you.. Not can I help. Yet you still want to be around these people and have them all up in your business when they mean you no good at all.. Live to impress God, NOT People. You'll find that people are never satisfied...

At some point you have to change your mind set.. If they're not self-motivated, ambitious & driven then why are you fooling with them....God is the only thing you need. We often don't realize this until God is the only thing we have...Learn to trust God in the midst of your disappointments. He has a plan to take you higher.Your Life will take a positive turn when you start getting closer to God. He really is life try him. You don't have nothing to lose. Your already at the bottom.. Everything else including so call friends have left you.. Try God he will not leave or forsake you.. Ms.K.Simpson