Friday, September 30, 2016

Freaky Friday Lets GO

Explicit Read at your own risk..
 Freaky Friday Lets Go... Collerbation by 
Ms.K. Simpson and Chris Hershey 

Its cuffing season i'm trying to cuff
Let me stop lying I'm trying to F***
Naw I don't want to be your chick 
I just want you to come over and give me that D***
Lick this P**** then split
Don't call me I'll call you
When you see my name pop in your phone you know what i'm trying to do
I know what I'm trying to do.... Allow me to lick that P**** till it turn blue leaving u sick with the swine flu...
My flow is like a tsunami I"m going to nurse you as if I was your mommy 
Running over like Niagara falls ain't no breaks I need to to hit all these walls 
Come with your A game or I will leave you with blue balls
Blue ball scrubbing in walls chasing them waterfall.... I know u the truth but I'm the proof in the pudding that will have that p*** gushing leaving u wishhin..
The only Wishing I'm doing is that you can make get multiple nuts
 If the S*** is wack i'm going to tell you to get the F*** up
Squirt bae and drown me with your heavenly P**** juices
Noooooo way I'm going to put you into another dimension
All this talking has got me wet
I'll hit you up when i'm ready but right now i'm chasing these checks
2016©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Go ahead ignore me if you may
I got a line around the corner waiting to get a play
What one want do another will
Did you really think I would be in my feelings for real
When your words and actions don't align 
I get on down don't look back and stop wasting my time
I wish you well in all you do
But as far as me and you
Yes darling we are officially through

2016©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My sexual peak

Right now I'm at my sexual peak
Man I'm like a dog in heat
But you're being stingy don't want to give me that meat
You know I'm not a hush woman my mind I will always speak
You know I don't do multiple people
So I don't have a choice but to leave you
You say be patient things will get better
But in that process you don't think you have to put in the time work & effort and you can do whatever
Lets see you not giving me that wood time attention affection let alone head or bread
I'm sorry what do I have to look towards seems to me I''m the one being mislead
Nothing from nothing equals nothing
Its time to go if i'm not getting no loving
My tea I just spilled
This is a problem I'm addressing it what one want do another will
2016©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved