Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Last Time

One Last Time

Let me give it to you one last time
I promise not to make you lose your mind
I got that good you know you'll miss
Don't fight it boy you no I'm hard to resist

Let me climb on top of you and do my thang
Boy you know I drive you insane
One is not enough for me

I want to reach the mountain top not 1, 2 but I need 3
Its our last time I'm putting you to the test
One thing you can say is you had the best
It will be very little kissing cuddling or hugging
Im beast in bed its time for some serious loving

Now the deed is done and I've met my need
I pat myself on the back get your things its time for you to leave
Hold on to those memories keep them on your mind
Because there is no coming back that was the last time
©2011 Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

©2011 Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Opened up

Opened up 

I opened up and let you in 

You were all over the place 

Unsure of how you felt yea it best we remain friends 

I know what it is I want 

You on the other hand really don't 

I don't have time to wait for you to figure it out 

Because if I was the ONE you would know it without a shadow of doubt 

When a grown man meets his other half 

He is going to do everything in his power to make it last 

It's seems as if you have some other options going on 

I'm not a priority so it's best I get the hell on 

When you run across you future you will no 

That's when your actions and words will align for show 

It’s over and that’s a fact 

I’m moving forward and not looking back 

We had our good days and bad ones too 

As I walk away from you and this situation I want you to know I’m not mad at you 

But yes we are through 

We are ending on good terms relationship wise 

I’ve let that burn 

For second not even a minute you had me thinking I was weak 

Up crying losing sleep 

I was into you and my feelings really deep 

I had to regroup now I’m back on my feet 

I’m doing Me Myself and I and its hell a sweet 

I know my worth I’m a lady that don’t have to and will not compete 

Im not going to argue cuss fight or tell you to go to hell 

I know you know that scene so very well 

Instead I’m going to take a deep breath walk away and just exhale 

2013© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Monday, December 23, 2013

Being Single

Being Single

Being single now what does that really mean

For some it means not settling preparing their self for their King/Queen

Not being a boo thang cut buddy jump off or even a fling

As you start to mature you want to know what your mate has to the table to bring

Sex is a part of relationship but not the main course

With that being said it’s a choice

If you’re not putting in Socially Spiritually Emotionally Mentally Financially 

Then why do they need to entertain you physically

They’re already single doing it on their own

If you’re not coming to add uplift teach and build a future then leave them alone

Single is plural meaning only one

When entering their life you must be ready to commit and work towards long term

Being Single gives you a chance to work on you

Take that time to make yourself happy love yourself all the way through

This is the preparation stage for you to get you together

What this is doing is preparing you for the next Level

No one wants to be alone

Yet no one wants to keep choosing the ones that’s all wrong

Now you say you want to settle down and come out the streets

Then it’s time for you to practice what you preach

Being single they don’t want to hear a lot of words

You can’t tell them anything they hadn’t already heard

Your words and actions must align

If they don’t trust and believe they will not be wasting their time..

If you’ve been hurt time and time again

You need to take some time and let your heart mend

If you’re not ready to give 100% to your mate

You need to sit down some where you’re not ready to date

There is no reason he/she should have to wait

Being single is when you take the time to heal and clear foolishness off your plate

When those painful memories start to erase

That’s when you know you’re at a good place

Being single is learning not everyone is out to hurt you

Let go forgive and the release the ones that have so you can move on to

Don’t miss out on your future holding on to your past

Bringing the old into the new that will surely make you’ll end fast

Being single they’re seeking something and someone that will last

And not one thats just in search for a piece of ASS…

2013© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm A Hustler!!!

I'm A Hustler....

I'm a hustler through and through
I'm not the type to sit around and wait on a man to do
I go hard for everything GOD, Business, Family, Relationship and Friends just to name a few
I'm a real woman but I see you don't have a clue
You show me you got me I got you too
It's all about loyalty I thought you knew
I'm going to keep it 100 at all times
247/365 grinding is always on my mind
If you don't ask questions nothing is said
I like to eat well and we all know a closed mouth don't get feed
I don't work a 9 to 5 so I have to go out and get mines
Everyone has a different kind of hustle but doing wrong and crime
I'm sorry I already experience Jail I'm not out here trying to catch a new case nor do time
You get mad cause I get it how I live
Are you serious and you're for real
I'm a required taste and that's ok
A weak man can't handle me at the end of the day
Blunt Strong Will and Independent
Failure is not a option I got to get it
I don't come with a manual
Sometimes I'm hard to handle
If you fall off I need to have your back
If I didn't hustle and grind like I do how am I going to do that
I'm not in the streets trying to open my legs
I'm trying to eat well and get up my bread
I don't have time to chase no damn man
I have goals I'm trying to accomplish I have a plan
If your for me and a team player it will show
Come on now I just act like this sometimes I'm far from being slow
I'm not a good girl I've been through some things
That just means to the table I have a little more wisdom and knowledge to bring
I'm a hustler
There is nothing I hadn't seen
I'm going to get it by all means
I don't like being In the lime light
I like staying behind the scene
I don't have free time to do free things
I'm a hustler no grind no groceries I love to eat well do you know what I mean...

2013© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Monday, December 9, 2013

Coming 2014 I'm Not Built to Break!!!!!


I'm not built to break

I have my grass cut low so I can see the snakes
Trials coming at me in every directions
This is just a test I'm awaiting my blessing
Speaking everything I want and need into existence
Lord you have my attention I'm sitting still
I promise I'm listening

I'm not built to break
Please remove those people out of my life that are fake
For lord you know I've had enough pain and heartbreak
The Devil is throwing everything at me to try and take me out
He will not win I'm going to praise you God scream and shout
Lord I know you have this all worked out

I'm not built to break
Lord you said in you word all I had to do was ask trust and believe then I shall receive
I don't want to ask anyone but you to do nothing for me
I'm asking you to put the right people in my path please
You know the end of my story
To you my lord I give all the praise and glory
2013© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved