Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Daughters

My Daughters

I have two beautiful daughters I have taught them as they get older to be nothing like me

I want them to follow their hearts, hopes and dreams
I want them to know they can do anything

I love my daughters more than life itself. 
Yes for them I will give my last breath

My daughters are my hero’s they continue to keep a smile on my face No matter what problem, pain or obstacles that comes our way

We stick together through thick and thin
I’m their mother first before I'm their friend Whether something is wrong or right

My daughters are always there to finish my fight
I taught them well this I know

I pray for them daily that’s for show
I’m proud and happy as you can see

My daughters are just as beautiful now as when they first were born.
Life lesson is a sure way they will learn

My daughters are my world
Thank you father for blessing me with my girls...
2010© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Silence Is Golden

Silence Is Golden

I don't think some of you get that point
If they're ignoring you you're someone they know longer want
They know longer want any dealings with you and have wrote you off closed that chapter and walked away
Their tired of talking and repeating them self the have nothing else to say

Sometimes something's are better not said
Think back to what happen replay those memories in your head

Read between the lines
Especially when their words and actions don't align
Stop wasting your time

You want closure then close the door
Stop allowing people to run in and out your life to hurt you more

You've already move on and let those wounds heal
Remember the devil has angels to they come to destroy kill and steal

Don't argue just be silent
Show them you don't have time for foolishness mess drama or violence
It's always best to move in silence

Everything that comes at you don't need a reply
If your through then walk away that's your good bye
Silence is golden that's your best response 
That's how you no your over it and really done..
2013© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved


People Say

People Say

People say
I'm angry but guess what 
I sure am not
Mess & foolishness I've dealt with a lot
So yeah you have to put in work 
If you want to hold the number one spot 

Bold up front and blunt
I know my worth as well as my wants

A challenge yes that's me
Take the time to get to know me then you will see
It starts with listening and communicating that's the key

Stimulate my mind 
Not waste my time
Get in my head 
Not try to get me in bed

If sex is all you can do
I'm not that one for you boo
We know we can do that
What else can you bring to the table I must ask

People say 
I'm to hard on men
They should give me a challenge then
Weak men make me strong
With me they want last long
I don't have a problem telling you to get the hell on
2013© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved