Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Even under the mask she can see the games you play
When your actions and words don't align she will quickly sends you on your way
She will tell you her wants as well as here needs
Pay close attention and listen please
She is making you happy, keeping a smile on your face sexing you like no other
She's your ride or die your friend as well as you lover
She is not thirsty and don't ask for anything
She knows her worth and takes her place as a Queen
She will only deal with inconsistency for a short time
She would rather walk away than give you a piece of her mind
She likes you tells you the things your doing wrong
She is making one more attempt before she leaves you alone
Are you listening, striving to fix it, better yet paying attention
You've ran out of chances her silence will say everything else she didn't mention
Shes down for you and has your back
But treating her the same way is a tool you seem to lack
You can't continue to get if you don't give
 Life is about transactions a real man steps up to the plate and spoil his woman for real
A woman who ask for nothing should get it all
She shouldn't have to ask for a text or for you to be consistent with your calls
 Men are natural hunters... If she's as important as you say
Your going to call text check on her through out your day
She made her intentions known coming through the gate
You said you was down with her and would help clear her plate
How much more do you think she's going to put up with your lies and continue to wait...
Your out with your boys look a cross the room and she's out on a date
Unfortunately no more of your inconsistency could she take
She's positioning her self for her future and soul mate
2015© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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