Sunday, January 15, 2012

What your looking for

What your looking for
 I hope you find what your looking for
 It's a new year I want and deserve so much more
 We've had our ups and downs I'm putting myself first turning my life around
Playing second is not my thing
I thought you knew I am a Queen
Call me selfish yes it's all about self It's not about you it's all about me
That's why I decided to walk away you see
I'm tired of being deceived gone on with those lies
I can't wipe another tear from my eyes
I'm about to live laugh and have some fun
There want be no hard feelings when I walk out the door
I hope you find what your looking for 2010©Kayundra Simpson

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When your back is against the wall

When you back is against the wall
 When your back is against the wall we sometimes go back to what we know
 Devil you are a Liar that's not my life anymore
 I must be doing something right
 Satan is pulling out every trick in the book to try to make me lose sight
 I've come to far & giving up to much to lose this fight
 As tears swell up in my eyes
 If you didn't know yes there is much more to me then my lips and whats between my thighs
 I'm not ashamed of my past
 that's why I wrote a book I have nothing to hide
 I has hurting I needed to vent I couldn't hold it inside I called on some of my real and true friends
 At that time I needed them the most not one picked up on their end 
As Satan tried to get deeper in my head
 The tears started over flowing I know Satan wants me dead
 What Satan meant for evil God had other plans instead
 That's why I make sure I hit my knee's every night before I go to bed
 Being a Christan is not easy at all
 Jesus was the only perfect man we all have flaws 
2012©Kayundra Simpson,  All Rights Reserved 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Me

 Just Me
 I know my worth others don't
Settling is something I can't do I just want
It took me a while to realize who I am
Before GOD came in my life I just didn't give a damn
About anything or anyone.....
That was before I got the Holy Spirit, The Father & The Son
What GOD has for me is for me
 I learned how to sit down and wait patiently
 For him to send me my King I'm not in a hurry do you know what I mean
I'm just expressing some of the things I want him to bring
I want a man to finish my sentence, know my thoughts
One that will accept me with all my Faults
I'm a virtual woman waiting on a God fearing Man
Not just any Man the one GOD has in his plan Settling I just want do
I want let the devil get the upper hand
On GOD'S words is where I stand
So I sit and wait
GOD'S an on time GOD he's never late
 I don't walk by sight I walk by faith
 Just Me 2011©Kayundra Simpson

I Don't Know How

I Don't Know How
 Love I don't know how to do
The last time I was in love my heart got broke in two
Can you teach me how to love again
Take your time I need my heart to mend
This will not be an easy task
I'm asking you to take your time, don't take me fast
I'm willing to let go of all the pain & hurt in my past
I want real love again the kind of love that will last
 I Don't Know How ©Kayundra Simpson 2012

Not Where I'm At

Not Where I'm At
 I don't think I have been fair
 At times I act like I don't care
 I have a problem trusting a man
Are you listening to these words I'm saying
 I want to like you I really do
 Right now it don't fit, I have some other things I'm trying to do
You're a good man I have to tell you that
 Relationship wise that's just not where I'm at
Something you should know about me, if I was at that point
 I'm no tolerance, up front and blunt
I'm spoiled I don't like to share
You have to many lady friends; you know what I'm not going to take it there
You like a lot of attention
 I'm a one mans woman did I mention
 That was the basics I hope you were listening
 Not Where I'm At ©Kayundra Simpson God Gave Me This Talent