Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Me

 Just Me
 I know my worth others don't
Settling is something I can't do I just want
It took me a while to realize who I am
Before GOD came in my life I just didn't give a damn
About anything or anyone.....
That was before I got the Holy Spirit, The Father & The Son
What GOD has for me is for me
 I learned how to sit down and wait patiently
 For him to send me my King I'm not in a hurry do you know what I mean
I'm just expressing some of the things I want him to bring
I want a man to finish my sentence, know my thoughts
One that will accept me with all my Faults
I'm a virtual woman waiting on a God fearing Man
Not just any Man the one GOD has in his plan Settling I just want do
I want let the devil get the upper hand
On GOD'S words is where I stand
So I sit and wait
GOD'S an on time GOD he's never late
 I don't walk by sight I walk by faith
 Just Me 2011©Kayundra Simpson

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