Thursday, April 2, 2015

Str8 Shooter

Str8 Shooter 

I shoot straight from the hip

Slaying realness from my lips

Using my pen to take your mind on a mental trip

As the thoughts start to erupt from brain

When I pick up my pen everything flows through my veins

What I do is artistry so I feel no guilt or shame

With every lyric and every rhyme

I want to take you slow make you think and stimulate your mind

When my pen hits the paper it’s just a matter of time

Before I give you the real

Don’t pay too much attention to my sex appeal

Marinate on my words that’s when the real me will be revealed

I’m about business… I’m on a mission

I’m not just building a brand I’m building a movement I forgot to mention

Don’t sleeps on me pay close attention

Some can’t take me because I’m upfront and blunt

I support those that support me and even the ones that don’t

See what GOD has for me is for me and giving up now…. I surely won’t

Life lessons and my mistakes have giving me my ammunition 

But please know it’s never a competition 

I work hard my down falls and mistakes are my recognition
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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