Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giving up.. Yes that's something I tried to do

Giving up yes is a coward thing to do

Who are you to judge me when your don't no what I'm going through

I give so much of myself

To the point I just don't have anything left

I uplift so many of you

Sharing parts of my story of what I've been or going through

To let you know to just hold on God's Got you

Some of you are saying how are you saying that when you tried to take your life

Yes I did that and didn't even think twice

I hadn't slept in 4 days hadn't ate in 3

The enemy caught me off guard and came after me

That's still no excuse for what I did 25 Valiums 2 bottles of wine

Guess what the EMT got to me so that means its just not my time

Everything you go through is a lesson learn

I had just reach my limit and was tired of getting burned

I only tell someone what I may want them to know which want be a lot just to see

Who's really there for me

I'm laughing because so many of you have so much to say

Take care of you, your own life don't worry about Ms.Kaye

Stop sticking your nose in others people's business when you don't have the whole story at the end of the day...

I'm broken I really need time to heal

Don't take it personal I don't want all those question or any of that negativity and that's real

I"m human I have feelings too 

Don't let this hard exterior fool you 

So don't get mad when I don't take your calls

I'm doing whats best for me at this time that's all

Your concerns I really appreciate

I'm paying real close attention to the ones that's real and fake

This is my life at stake I can't afford to make any more mistakes™
2012©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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I'm not sharing this with you to get a whole lot of likes or comments I'm sharing because it's someone out there about to explode. Its someone that feels the same way I did.. I'm sharing it to tell them stop running to people man will fail you every time... Run to God he's never late always on time..

I really don't care what anyone has to say about me at this point.. I have taking on everyone else problems been everything everyone else wanted me to be or do.. I have wore the Wonder Woman cape long enough.. Don't tell me I'm this and that... when half of you can't pick up the phone just to ask me how are you doing or do I need anything? Yet when you hear something bad or something went wrong with me you break your necks to call text ect.. Checking on me that goes a long way with me. I don't require a lot... I'm not trying to be someone I'm not, At this point in my life I just want to do what God has for me to do. My passion is writing uplifting others and giving back.. I look back over my life to how far God's has brought me. I love me I realize that wasn't a good move at all. Yet the experience it gave me I will be able to help someone else. Its a reason God spared my life.. All I can come up with is he has a lot more work for me to do. Now don't get me wrong I'm not sharing this with you because I want or need your pity. I'm doing it because God put it on my heart to share.. You never know what someone is going through.... 

I've totally surrender my all to God So come on devil I know you will be coming at me real hard.. Fake friends get on down..I don't have a place for you so move around. God is my everything and he shall supply all my needs.. See when I finally decided I was out of the streets completely and wanted to totally commit and do what God wanted me to do.. All hell broke loose.. Whats funny is all these sideline people that swear they know whats going on with me or my life... I can count on one hand how many I talk to. Even those people, I don't let completely in..We all go through things at times and need someone we can talk to. This whole situation has taught me to stay true to myself. I can go and talk to God about any and everything.. With God for me who can be against me. I'm over fake friends, people just wanted to be around to see what I'm going to do..People calling like they are concern when really they are not at all. Its funny but some people love to see you down thy thrive off that so much...Who was there to be a listening ear for me? To just listen..... The funny thing is people say to me. I don't worry about you because your Kaye, and you will make it do what it do.. Another one of my favorites is your so inspirational you have a lot of faith.. How are you going to give up now, when you write and inspires others all day everyday.. I'm not perfect, there is only one perfect man and that's Jesus.. So stop trying to judge me.. 

I let everything I had going on just build up to the point I just exploded.. Someone called me Fake lol...... now that was a first....Sometimes there are things you just don't need to speak on.. Take what others are saying about you and keep moving. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and its just that.. Take whats for you and keep moving.. I'm not put on this earth to please anyone but God as of now that's what I'm doing. 

Someone woke up this morning feeling low every day God wakes you up is a reason to keep going and not give up. You may not have what you want but you have what you need. Trust in God I promise you he can and will supply all your needs.. Whatever your going through please don't hold it all in.. Talk to someone, lets someone in.. Don't let the devil win. ~Ms.K.Simpson~

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