Sunday, December 9, 2012

Real Talk Moment 101....

If your only catching guys who want a One Night Stand not a Lifetime Commitment, take another look at how your baiting the hook! Single Men  If God is not the head of our lives, we shouldn't attempt to be the head of hers. Dysfunctional leadership causes dysfunctional marriages, families, etc. No man on earth is perfect, but in order to lead a GREAT FAMILY, our imperfections should be placed in the hand of our PERFECT Go. Some people will meet the RIGHT one and then run them away, due to UNREAL expectations & UNHEALED places in their heart. DON'T let that be you!!!! If it seemed like forever to FIND her or be FOUND by him, make sure that you spend the rest of your life proving that you were well worth it. Not everyone left you..some people were snatched away from you(they didn't even want to leave)...God is just that serious about his children and their destiny..

Being mean, standoffish, or having the need to control situations doesn't get the man you want, it makes him FLEE. EVERY person shouldn't have to pay for what someone else did to you. Don't let OLD hurt block your heart from NEW love. Your heart is SAFER in God's hand, rather than your own. Allow him to heal you which allows you to forgive, move past, and develop into a prize possession for whoever finds you. The best gift that you could possibly give her is that of a Godly man wrapped up as a husband w/ character, integrity, commitment, communication,understanding, and a sense of humor all in one.  If pursuing with a purpose is NOT your intention, DON'T waste her time!! A lot of people will miss out on the RIGHT one, ASSUMING that everyone is like their last one. Love REQUIRES a forgiving heart, rather than one that REFUSES to let things go. 

 (Proverbs 18:21)Words have POWER!! You can't confess in your heart that there are NO good men, and at the same time expect God to bless you with one. Rather it's through social networking or in person, men can sense NEGATIVE. Pray for God to renew your heart & thought process . With a POSITIVE attitude, in the RIGHT season, he will FIND you. SO many are CURRENTLY so abused & hurt from their PAST, that they've decided to SETTLE w/ being someone's sex partner, part time cuddler, open relationship boy/girlfriend,etc, WITHOUT sharing their ENTIRE HEART with another. Holding another hostage for what they've done to us in the PAST, will make us miss out on a potential PRESENT or FUTURE blessing. You're worthy of love and deserve to love & be loved again. Cast your heart to God so that he can renew it, then prepare it to place you in position to find or be found. EVERY friend shouldn't be in consideration to be your lover in covenant. You can easily find someone to be cool with, but finding someone to complement you, love you unconditional, and understand you is something that requires prayer, discernment, and confirmation in your spirit from God. Be patient!

 It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know if he's into you or not. For MOST situations, it doesn't take outside help to distinguish how YOU are being treated from how YOU should be treated. Sexing him will give the both of you soul ties & orgasms, but NOT a ring & his heart. Knowing that he's interested in or with somebody else, takes you from being in position to be found to in position to be used, abused, or just his fling on the side. YOU can't continue to blame men for what YOU allow. When YOU respect & honor your heart & body, men will do the same. Staying with the WRONG person until someone better comes along, shows that you can't be content in your season(s) of singleness. The day that YOU realize that YOU deserve better, is the day that you'll STOP trying to make the WRONG one's be the RIGHT ONE. If you truly know that God is NOT a God of confusion, stay out of situations that you don't have a CLEAR understanding about. If he really wants you, he will let NOTHING stop him from marrying you!! You're made in the image of Christ and should be pursued wholeheartedly or you should just remain SINGLE until the RIGHT one comes along.

Marry her because you love her & she complements you, rather than just because of her physical presentation. Models that ONLY have beautiful exteriors look good if you're trying to impress the world, but have a short shelf life when it comes to love & marriage. Connect with someone that honors & respects God and she will do the same for you. If she's fully submitted to God, she'll submit to you as you do the same for her. A woman that guards her tongue from gossip & foolishness, will speak life into you rather than belittling you. A wife will either complement your purpose or hinder it. Pray, discern, and pay attention before saying I DO. PRIDE will have you blaming EVERYBODY for EVERY failed relationship in your past. It’s easy to blame another, but you will keep repeating the same cycles until you either STOP compromising with the WRONG people or START being truthful about there being issues within you that you've chosen to hide behind your “take me as I am” mentality.

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