Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm A Person To

I’m A Person To

You couldn't imagine what I deal with or face

Yeah I had to slow all the way down and come at this at a different pace

I'm a messenger so I have to finish this race

Don't look at me in disguise or disgrace

You see this is not some kind of game

They said never again will my life be the same

The GOD I serve that is just something I will not and cannot calm

Nor will I hold my head down in shame

When I have a seizure please don't freak

Don't get upset if I don't take your calls, text, emails or even speak

Educate yourself a little more because after a seizure for days I'm weak.

And all I want to do is sleep

Please do you best to be my friend

A helping hand is what I'm asking for you to lend

In the case you’re with me and I start to seize

Make sure you time it and place me on my side please

Don't leave me alone stay with me until the event subsides

Under 5 minutes should be no trouble

If in doubt call 911 on the double

Yes I have Epilepsy this is true

I'm still a person just like you

The only difference I'm over coming and going through

It would be best to educate yourself on my illness to

2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved