Friday, October 30, 2015

7 days

7 Whole days not a word from you
Now you're in my inbox asking why your calls & text are not going through
You asked me why my phone is saying its disconnected
Probably because you have been blocked dismissed and rejected
So go on back to where and whom had your attention those past 7 days
I"m good at this point there is nothing left to say
Miss me with your excuses because they don't even matter
Man get out my inbox with that chit chatter
2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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Monday, October 26, 2015

You got my panties wet

You got my panties wet 

How did you manage to do that when we hadn't had sex

You had foreplay with my heart

I told you it was fragile from the start 

You made love to my mind

 me stayed consistent and persistent the whole time

You gave me pillow talk at night

These feeling I'm having are hard to fight

What I like most is you playing in my hair

In my eyes you would stare

You said they speak when I cant

When I'm with you my mind draw a blank 

Catch me I'm falling I feel a little 
2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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I want a connection Deeper Than SEX

Not Crying Miss Independent
I’m not crying miss independent because I want and need a man
Not just anyone but the one GOD has for me in his plan
I don't mind showing interest or catching feeling
A woman will tell you how to get her all you have to do is listen and pay attention
Call me thirsty if you may
I'm willing to take a chance on love on any giving day
Don't get me wrong chasing you I will not do
But I will let you know I’m interested in you
At that moment how we proceed all falls on you
I'm not with one night stand...
I want to be turned out and turned out only by my man
The grown freaky little things I want to do
I only want to do it with my boo
So again it’s up to you and how you pursue
I know my mouth is your biggest concern
I’m not perfect I’m going to make mistake what I don't know I'm able and willing to learn
You met the good girl now meet the bad are you ready to collide
When those two come together there will be soul tides
Are you ready to be on a mental HIGH
Or is this the part we say good bye
I'm putting all the cards on the table
At this point in my life it’s about team player team work and being stable
2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Shots Fired


You really took it there
Let me take a deep breathe I’m going to need some air
 I didn't want to come for you
I’m minding my own business as you should too
I have enough going on & on my plate you’re not worth the energy boo
See when you grow up you put childish ways behind
With that being said go ahead and talk about me you not worthy of my time
But before you come for me make sure you have all you facts
I’m a grown woman and if you have a problem or what to know something I’m who you need to ask
Don’t go off what one said
There are 3 sides to every story don’t be mislead
I’m know GOD is working with me and my mouth
Because right now I would be cursing you the Hell out
Stress literally makes me sick
But what pisses me off even more is a fair weather friend trying to be slick
Before you go putting your mouth on someone else
Look in the mirror and checks yourself
Stop being messy
You ain’t doing nothing but blocking your blessings
You got so much to say about me and what I’m not doing
All my pages are open keep viewing
You need to be calling Iyanla Vanzant to fix your life
Maybe she can give you some advice
But coming for me you need to think twice
2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Reached out asked a few for some help

Reached out asked a few for some help
Got no response then realize I been getting this long by myself
Dropped the pride
That's when I realized who the real ones were that's on my side
No response is your response
I’m not acting funny throwing shade or even being nonchalant
Treat people how you want to be treated
You never know when something from them will be needed
Never cocky or even conceded
Just refuse to fail or be defeated
I have Epilepsy but it won’t have me
Grab a chair get your popcorn  wait and see
For what GOD has for me is for me
I wont have to borrow beg or plead
God will put the right people in my path at the right time to get done what I need
 So until them I will be still and let him lead
2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

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