Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm Interested

I'm interested

I'm interested and that's a fact
I'm not in a rush
I want to make sure you’re that one that will have my back

I'm interested I'm not going to lie
I don't know how to chase a man even if I try

I'm interested but I’m not a fool
You have to have more to offer me then just your tool
I’m from the old school

In interested I'm ready to go on a permanent date
I'm not seeking one that's trying to just get my cake

I'm interested but you would need to get in my head
Get to know me before you try to get what's between my legs

I'm interested but coming to my home is something you just can't do
I'm not one of those women you can call and text all through the night
Then after you leave the clubs try to come through

I’m interested but I have to love me first
I'm a woman I don't need you to define me
I already know my worth
2012© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

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I AM WHO I AM.......

REPEAT: I AM... WHO I AM. I am ME. I am courageous. I am fierce. I am excellence. I am love, peace and harmony. I am a GIFT to the world. I am committed to my self, my future, my love, my happiness and my joy. It can not be taken or stolen by anyone for any reason. I AM not perfect, but I accept my imperfections perfectly. I am NOT what people think, I am WHO I think I AM. I am a valuable woman. I am a phenomenal woman. I am a powerful woman. I am a deserving woman. I am a worthy woman. I am an extraordinary woman. God made me that way. Therefore, NO WEAPON formed against me shall prosper - not today, not tomorrow or the next day or the next year. I AM NOT a quitter, I AM NOT defeated, I AM NOT unworthy, I AM NOT confused, I AM NOT weak, I AM NOT depressed, I AM NOT unloved, I AM NOT doubt, I AM NOT fear, I AM NOT drama, I AM NOT negativity. I am BEING and BECOMING the greatest that ever lived. I AM who I AM. I am the woman in the mirror. I am a reflection of all that I AM and all that I dream to be. I AM ME - and ME is WHO I AM. I AM all that I chose to be. And today, I chose to be ME.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Real talk moment H**S Vs The Woman

If you want for a man to look deeper beyond the surface, you need to show deeper beyond the surface.. Your husband wants you to do the same thing strippers and porn stars do, just behind closed doors. ...(Write That Down)....Some women think just because their man is active in the church that he doesn't want a freak at home... You better get with the program...

If you're not doing a good job keeping your man /woman happy, you'll make it easier for the next woman/man to step in..You better take care of home...Sex sells! But you don't want a man to buy you, you want a man to invest in you...know your worth..

H**s are only winning if you consider taking it in every hole for money, gifts, and trips and zero love in return "winning"!!!!!Don't lose your man to a h**. You can do better than her, but will count for nothing if you aren't willing. She is always willing.. If you don't take care of him guess what someone out there is willing...What men find attractive in a h** is simple! She caters solely to his interest....Self Less Take Notes.....If your not doing what you need to be doing for your man you leave the doors wide open for the next one to come in..A h** will take good care of you in the bedroom. A lady who has substance will take good care of you everywhere! There is something about a h** that every man likes. If you don't learn what that is, you'll soon be sharing your man with one. H**s get everything in the world but love! Not Winning....There are many women who degrade themselves to no end, but still get the ring. Do you think h**s are winning? Why or Why not? Let me hear some of y'all thoughts...

Real Talk moments feel free to share your thoughts.. on this...

Leave the Past in the Past

Don't forget to lock the door behind you.......Your past should not be sitting in the front seat going into town with your future. Park that mess..Stop running away from what God has for you!!! Your past has nothing to do with what in store for you now.Your plan should mirror your vision......Align the both and follow the steps towards the door of reality.Think negative and your actions will follow!!!! Change your mood. Next Chapter starts today......Either you start new or you continue with the same old story. Your choice is vital to your future...There is a loud, powerful message in ones silence.....
We often say "This is the last time" Not realizing we have not truly pulled it up from the root. Make sure its completely removed from your life. That way you won't go back so easy Ms.K.Simpson

Mixed Signals

Never give off mixed signals to a woman. Either you're in to her, you're not or just wanting to get to know more about her. MOST women are not looking for quick love, just making sure that they're not being led on or just wasting time. When you find that “one stop shop” in a woman (that fears the lord, unconditional lover, submissive & brings out Gods best in you, you better put a ring on it & love her in covenant for the rest of your life. Men…. No matter if you find your PRECIOUS JEWEL at surface level gleaming, or stuck in the rummage of hurt & pain, it’s your job to aide in helping her to restore her PRICELESS worth to be the queen & help meet God has called her to be. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE...It'll Be A Sad Thing To Have Someone Like or Even Fall In Love With The Character You're Pretending To Be Rather Than The Person You Really Are. Just Be Yourself. If They Don't Want YOU for YOU then go be with someone who does! If you have to mute them on twitter, give them partial access to your Facebook & Google + page or assign distinct apps to monitor their calls or route them to voice mail, you probably shouldn't be dealing with them at all. Stop giving people PARTIAL access that shouldn't be having access at ALL

Monday, October 21, 2013

You asked me to be your lady

You asked me to be your lady

You asked me to be your lady
I’m not in a rush we are still learning each other daily
I’m not interested in skipping the friendship
To move on to the relationship
So you can get the sexship

See I’ve been there and done that
At this point in my life that’s just not where I’m at
You have to put in the work if this is where you want to be
Not just buy me things an try to sex me

 I got rid of my sugar daddies a long time a go
I’m sorry that’s just not how I flow

You have to put in the work
Otherwise I assure you your feeling will get hurt.

It’s more to me than my lips
If you’re not my MAN you can’t experience how I move my hips
I’m more than what is between my thighs
I know my worth and yes I have become very wise

I’ve been doing this thing on my own for a very long time
At this point in my life
What I require is establishing a friendship dating courting but most of all stimulating my mind
Don’t crowd my space
But yeah you must keep a smile on my face
Moving too fast will cause you to lose this race

I’m a strong independent woman that can hold her own
Not to mention yes I’m grown
I’m pretty set in my ways.
So yes it’s going to take a very patient man to deal with me as well as the good and bad days
The hardest part of a new relationship is the beginning
If you’re not willing to communicate and put in the work it will quickly come to an ending

2013© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Smile

My Smile

You look at my pictures and see a smile upon my face

If you really knew my story you would hug me with a warm embrace

I've been through so many ups and downs

It’s a wonder why I carry a smile and not a frown

My heart is heavy in so many ways

I know this is only a test, there will be brighter days

It seems I'm all alone and no one is there

Going through all this mess just don't seem fair

The Smile on my face covers the pain I have inside

I learned to humble myself, and not have so much pride

From being abused, misused, homeless and more

I Smile because I no God has so much more in store

I'm OK with telling you what I've been through

Maybe my story can help you too

If you're going through it, know you're not alone

Sometimes God takes us through it to make us strong.....
2010© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

You're A Woman

You're A Woman

You're a woman that can hold her own

You've been through a lot which has made you strong

You’re a woman that won't give up without a fight

I must say that's one of the things I like

You’re a woman that keeps it all together

You intimidate people therefore the don't know how to get on your level

You're a woman that's God Fearing and keeps God First

People only have something to say about you when you’re at your worst

You're a woman that has changed her life around

They still throw your past in your face to try to bring you down

You're a woman that's sacrifice and gave up so much

You stood on your own and didn't need a crutch

You're a woman that has a story to tell

Your test and trials have made you excel

Your work doesn't go unnoticed

I admire that even when you’re going through it you keep Focus..

2010© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Speak up

People have their reasons for not wanting to be in your life. Respect that and let them go about their business. Weak minded men prey on weak minded women because a strong man knows that he needs a strong woman in his life. A messy woman isn't a woman at all. Especially one that purposely cause drama and stirs up mess. Sometimes the best way to keep peace is by keeping your thoughts to yourself. Everyone can't handle what's on your mind at the time. It's sad when you're  the problem and you don't know you're the problem. What you fail to address now will show up at your address and address you later. I ain't who I used to be because if I was, a lot of people would have been cussed out. THANK GOD I've changed. If there's a disagreement, don't wait a few days and call like there never was a problem. U can't leave the past alone until u deal with it. One way to spot the enemy at work is when the people who once supported you now reject you. It happened to Jesus, so don't be discouraged.

Love doesn't come with a manual that's why you have to be in love to understand it. It takes no time to fall in love but it take years to know...The moment you realize u can't hide from Love... It will find u.......Dear Lord help me to recognize it when I'm found........ Thankful He's out there..... I just know he is....... So I'll just patiently wait...... While I make sure I'm able to be found. Sex sells, but I don't need a man to buy me, I want a man to "invest" in ME. I know my Worth...There's a difference between a man who spends on you and a man who invests in you ... figure it out.. Let her be strong where she's strong & you be strong where she's weak. It's the balance of a relationship. Being a man doesn't make you a leader. When your words match your effort + results, she'll trust you.

In terms of respect, don't demand what you don't offer. Not all women are going to play wives without being wives - those are usually the good ones. Friendship 1st. Relationship 2nd. Get your order right.

A man/woman who is single has never cheated - Make sure you're even in a relationship before you go tossing accusations. Too many single people assume they're in a relationship - it's like working a job they weren't hired for expecting a check.  Ask your self do you want a man who doesn't desire you enough to go after you. Simple If you set high standards for education & career why lower them for a date? I have to use the same intellect in my daily life as my dating life. You can't be eager for love but afraid of commitment - pick one. Just because you "vibe" doesn't mean he's heaven sent - you better consult with God before making any decisions. This isn't 5th grade - a lady doesn't have to wait around for a grown man to make up his mind..A grown adult man who likes you will pursue you - it's as plain and simple as that.Your relationship should make you proud. You should be honored to be in it. Anything else simply ain't worth it. Never be afraid to leave someone whose happiness depends on you ... you're not responsible for it. Follow your soul & have no regrets

If you haven't discussed intentions prior to intimacy, good luck.The only way to know what someone is thinking is to have a conversation about it ... with them. Some relationships have a "Use By This Date" warning, while others have a lifetime shelf life - learn the difference. For some, it wasn't a dinner date - she was just hungry. Unless you've discussed a relationship ... there is no relationship. When they say they don't know what they want, they don't want you - Hopefully you kept the receipt to return the dream you've been sold. Quit expecting what hasn't been discussed. "I got your back" "I believe in you" "Im proud of you" If you dont hear this in your relationship, you might be in the wrong 1.

Casual dating comes with no contract - state your intentions as soon as they become your intentions. Save yourself the embarrassment ... an uninterested lady isn't playing hard to get - she's just uninterested. Quit committing w/o a commitment conversation. If you haven't discussed a relationship, you're in 1 with yourself. Enjoy. A good woman multiplies what's given to her, so don't be afraid to give her your heart - she knows what to do with it. A woman who knows her worth is damn powerful point blank period. Figure it out. A relationship without a friendship is a waste of everyone's time. Sometimes the best way to show your value is by leaving. They don't appreciate what they have till it's gone ... get going. Don't confuse "Gold-digger" with a smart woman who expects to live well & have her needs met if she's offering the same thing.