Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Speak up

People have their reasons for not wanting to be in your life. Respect that and let them go about their business. Weak minded men prey on weak minded women because a strong man knows that he needs a strong woman in his life. A messy woman isn't a woman at all. Especially one that purposely cause drama and stirs up mess. Sometimes the best way to keep peace is by keeping your thoughts to yourself. Everyone can't handle what's on your mind at the time. It's sad when you're  the problem and you don't know you're the problem. What you fail to address now will show up at your address and address you later. I ain't who I used to be because if I was, a lot of people would have been cussed out. THANK GOD I've changed. If there's a disagreement, don't wait a few days and call like there never was a problem. U can't leave the past alone until u deal with it. One way to spot the enemy at work is when the people who once supported you now reject you. It happened to Jesus, so don't be discouraged.

Love doesn't come with a manual that's why you have to be in love to understand it. It takes no time to fall in love but it take years to know...The moment you realize u can't hide from Love... It will find u.......Dear Lord help me to recognize it when I'm found........ Thankful He's out there..... I just know he is....... So I'll just patiently wait...... While I make sure I'm able to be found. Sex sells, but I don't need a man to buy me, I want a man to "invest" in ME. I know my Worth...There's a difference between a man who spends on you and a man who invests in you ... figure it out.. Let her be strong where she's strong & you be strong where she's weak. It's the balance of a relationship. Being a man doesn't make you a leader. When your words match your effort + results, she'll trust you.

In terms of respect, don't demand what you don't offer. Not all women are going to play wives without being wives - those are usually the good ones. Friendship 1st. Relationship 2nd. Get your order right.

A man/woman who is single has never cheated - Make sure you're even in a relationship before you go tossing accusations. Too many single people assume they're in a relationship - it's like working a job they weren't hired for expecting a check.  Ask your self do you want a man who doesn't desire you enough to go after you. Simple If you set high standards for education & career why lower them for a date? I have to use the same intellect in my daily life as my dating life. You can't be eager for love but afraid of commitment - pick one. Just because you "vibe" doesn't mean he's heaven sent - you better consult with God before making any decisions. This isn't 5th grade - a lady doesn't have to wait around for a grown man to make up his mind..A grown adult man who likes you will pursue you - it's as plain and simple as that.Your relationship should make you proud. You should be honored to be in it. Anything else simply ain't worth it. Never be afraid to leave someone whose happiness depends on you ... you're not responsible for it. Follow your soul & have no regrets

If you haven't discussed intentions prior to intimacy, good luck.The only way to know what someone is thinking is to have a conversation about it ... with them. Some relationships have a "Use By This Date" warning, while others have a lifetime shelf life - learn the difference. For some, it wasn't a dinner date - she was just hungry. Unless you've discussed a relationship ... there is no relationship. When they say they don't know what they want, they don't want you - Hopefully you kept the receipt to return the dream you've been sold. Quit expecting what hasn't been discussed. "I got your back" "I believe in you" "Im proud of you" If you dont hear this in your relationship, you might be in the wrong 1.

Casual dating comes with no contract - state your intentions as soon as they become your intentions. Save yourself the embarrassment ... an uninterested lady isn't playing hard to get - she's just uninterested. Quit committing w/o a commitment conversation. If you haven't discussed a relationship, you're in 1 with yourself. Enjoy. A good woman multiplies what's given to her, so don't be afraid to give her your heart - she knows what to do with it. A woman who knows her worth is damn powerful point blank period. Figure it out. A relationship without a friendship is a waste of everyone's time. Sometimes the best way to show your value is by leaving. They don't appreciate what they have till it's gone ... get going. Don't confuse "Gold-digger" with a smart woman who expects to live well & have her needs met if she's offering the same thing.

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