Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't give up

Don't Give up
As I lay here wanting to take my life away
A Gentle Voice tells me thats not the way
He said trust in me my child everything will be ok
As the tears swell up in my eyes
God tells me go head release those tears its alright to cry
Once you finished give all your problems to me
Stand on your faith my word then you will see
Nothing is impossible for me
The devil knows when your down and out
That's when you hold on to my word praise me scream and shout
This is just a test my child keep your faith I will bring you out.
Dont give up thats the easy thing to do
I am a man that can not lie thats a statment thats true
I hear your crys and feel your pain
If you Keep your faith trust and believe in me your life will never be the same
I know you are hurting don't let it break you, instead let your pain birth your purpose
don't let the devil knock you off focus
It'll come when you're too busy to be looking for it
So my child you cant quit
Don't give up
©2011 Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved.
I don't now who this is for but when he tell me to make it plan on tablet Thats what I do....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What you call me lately

What you call me lately

What do you find so appealing about me
When you look at me tell me what you see
Do you see Beautiful, Intelligent,Talented, Cunning, Humble Lady
Since B.I.T.C.H is all you called me lately
I broke those words down for you to know the meaning
Get that stupid look off your face I know I got you thinking
You thought you had a hold on me
I love myself more than you ever will I have to set you free
You've hurt me far too much
A smile comes across my face as I start to blush
I take back all the power I gave to you
Do you know what just happen, I know You don't have a clue
Let me break it down so you will understand
Get to stepping your no loner my man
©2011 Kayundra Simpson