Tuesday, March 17, 2015

About That Day You Called... A Collaboration between Mz.KayeMillion & Tyron Motif Two Poets Mixing Ink...

About The Day You Called


I called you to come over you entered the room and barely spoke
Climbed on top of me wrap you hand around my neck and gently choked Whispered sweet things in my ear
Lean in close for my lipstick you started to smear

Tyron Motif 
When the phone rang it broke the train of thought in which you were riding

So I arrived non verbal giving thanks to the woman that birth you Whispers of ear candy as my lips massage your earlobe my fingers tap dance your spine

I need you to relax & help me unwind.
What I'm going to need from you will take some time
I need you to relax and stimulate more than just my mind
Didn't your read all the signs

Tryon Motif
Wish granted! I'm a man of patience relaxed and waiting We spent 6 months having mind sex now the foreplay is amazing

Are you sure your ready to take this step Do I need to break down the rules a little more in debt.
You stick You stuck You stay
If your not ready for a commitment then you must be on your way
I'm not a boo thang stick and move or a temporary fix.
I'm ready for that one that I can settle down grow & build and empire with Anything outside of that you can miss with it

Tyron Motif Your rules I will follow passionately my ruler Stuck because I would love to be with you loving me Yet it seem the only thing here that's temporary is your doubt in us This is not lust or a quick f***
With passion this can be heaven a love with out cuffs
An empire without walls that soar above broken clouds as we explore a world of new love riding your wing

You waited patiently for this day to come
Are you ready to settle down with just one
I'm not doubting you by fare.
The same page I'm trying to make sure we are
I'm ready for you to take me to the mountain top
You've stimulated my mind now you have my body hot.... 
Stop now I will not I'm ready for you to hit that spot and suck it up like a dry 

Tyron Motif
If I was not ready to settle down I would not have come around
To extinguish the flame of your fears and ignite your passions So how can we not be on the same page in the same book in the same paragraph Where your love juices erupted on the mountaintop as volcano's do Intriguing as you trickle onto my tongue

On your tongue is where my juices will run
I don't want you to miss a single spot suck every drop.
One round will not be enough for me
Show me your skills I'm asking for 3 
Where I'm trying to take you I've never taking any other man
I'm riding with you I hope you understand

Tyron Motif
We are at the bottom of round 1 I can still taste the sweetness of your innermostAs I cup your breasts with a hand around your neck Posing for a moment to admire us in this full body mirror Your caramel color skin make the perfect canvas or backdrop to my sweaty tattoos Here is where I have took no other woman
I am riding with you on that midnight train to Brooklyn

With your hand around my throat
Taking your time with each stoke
You had me at hello
You took your time studied me and took me real slow
You knew my heart had been broke in pieces
I love how you took the time to pursue me..
Let's take each other where we never took another
This can't be done under the covers
Now that the deed is done a lifetime of memories has just begun
Your from up top I'm from down bottom
Mixing our INK together will never be forgotten
Are you ready to spoil each other rotten

Tyron Motif 
Your body is a work of art in my mind using
My hands to massage beautiful pottery God created Slow and secret finding passions of your heart in each stroke With my hand around your throat With each pulse I throb Mending pieces of your broken heart Slow grind taking my time in pursuit of a time never to end Creating magical moments that will be engraved in our minds for years to come as we cum as we cum
I'm going to New York n***** roots from the house
In love with my g.r.i.t.s. (Girls Raised In The South) 
Done cuddled up with my tongue in her mouth
2015© Kayundra Simpson And Tyron Motif, All Rights Reserved