Friday, August 30, 2013

Keep trusting

I've discovered that God is more interested in changing me than He is in changing my circumstances. I'm not saying that God won't deliver us from our struggles by changing the circumstances. But most of the time, God uses adversities to bring to light impurities in our characters or areas in which we need to improve. God deliberately uses some situations as a mirror, so we can recognize the problem in ourselves and learn to deal with it.

My faith is similar to a muscle. It grows stronger through resistance. It is exercised when it's being stretched, when it's being pushed. That's why God does not usually deliver us from adversity or uncomfortable situations overnight. He uses those times to build. our "spiritual muscle. " If he delivered us instantaneously from every problem, we'd never develop into the persons He really wants us to be.

Never put a question mark where God has a period. Quit living in a negative frame of mind, stewing about something that is over and done. Focus on what you can change, rather than what you cannot. Shake yourself out of that "should have, could have, would have" mentality, and don't let the regrets of yesterday destroy the dreams of tomorrow.

God is not limited to your family tree. He is not limited by your education, your social standing, your economic status, or your race. There is no such thing as the wrong side of the tracks with our God. If you will put your trust in Him. God will make your life significant. God longs to make something great out of your life. The only thing that limits God is your lack of faith.

The Knots Prayer:

The Knots Prayer:

Dear God,
Please un-tie the Knots that are in my Mind, my Heart, my Soul and my Life!
Remove the Have Nots, the Can Nots, and the Do Nots that run threw my Mind.
Erase the Will Nots, May Nots, Might Nots that have found a home in your Heart!
Release me from the Could Nots, Would Nots, Should Nots that obstruct and slow my life down, when i Needed you!
And most of all Dear God
I ask that you remove from my Mind, my Heart, my Soul, and my Life of the 'Am Nots' that I have allowed to hold me back over the years, during this bid, and before my future endeavors!
All these nots in my Life need to be removed, ESPECIALLY the Thought that I am Not Good enough to be respected and check up on during a TOUGH time of my Life! Amen 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Forget what's gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what's coming next.

THIS STORM - This is not just some random ordinary storm. It's a strategic storm of preparation; things are being blown away from and around you for a purpose. After this particular storm anything that’s salvageable goes with you to your new destination, whatever does not make it through the storm is to be left behind…The victorious woman can celebrate because in spite of her struggles, in spite of her pain, in spite of her disappointments, she was strong enough, patient enough, skilled enough, persistent enough to still come out on top, she’s a winner because God made
her a winner

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am Kayundra Simpson

I am Kayundra Simpson

I refused to be forgotten 
Some of you thought I would stay at the bottom
A lot of you treated me rotten
A smile as big as the morning Sun
Welcome to my new life it just begun
I'm not ashamed of my past
Nor am I trash
Definitely not just a piece of ASS
What I am is a woman that has being called
To teach and share my life experience with some of y'all
Thanks you for all the No's 
I have learned the friends and the foe's
I don't need you to validate me 
I was validate a long time ago
Thank you Jesus for carrying me 
At the lowest of low when I just didn't want to live no more
I stepped out of the old and in to the new
Unfortunately behind I had to leave a  whole lot of you
I have a name that's different and unique 
It's time to beat the streets
In case you didn't no yes this is how I eat
I like to eat well 
So all you doubters standing on the sideline can really just go to hell
Yes I have been to Jail a time or two
So you goggled me that's what you were suppose to do
As you can see yeah I've been through
But what does that have to do with you
You couldn't handle my life
So the next time you want to talk about it think twice
You couldn't walk a day in my shoes
But you want to sit up and talk about what I've been Thur
Your life ain't squeaky clean you have skeletons to
I didn't go through all of this for my life to stay the same
I don't know about you but I see fame all around my name
Don't get me wrong I'm not going against the grain
Just remember Kayundra Simpson is my Name
Never again will my life be the same
Copyrights©2013 Kayundra Simpson

Friday, August 9, 2013

I had to minister to myself this morning, but someone else needed to hear this as well…

I had to minister to myself this morning, but someone else needed to hear this as well…

Often times I keep a lot of things to myself

I feel like it's my business why do I need to share with anyone else

Then again maybe it's pride

The things I'm going through I try and hide

What I have learned it's not good to keep all those feelings and emotions inside

Maybe I was worried about what others would say

No that can’t be it I could care less what the next person says or think about me at the end of the day

I wasn’t going to write this but it was so strong in my head

I stop fighting God and do as I’m told when its Spirit lead

Can’t know one help you if they don’t know what you’re going though

Open your mouth drop that pride and let someone help you

You know a closed mouth don’t get fed

Stop depending on MAN and start depending on GOD instead

So they didn't answer the phone when you called

They had other things going on that’s all

But you have someone you can call 24hr 7days a week

He is always there to listen to you speak

Take it to him first and let him put the right people in place

Then will you receive the love, affection, attention and not to mention grace

You feel all alone and no one is there

You’re preaching to a choir at some point or another we all have been there

This morning I broke down in tears

Then something’s I had been holding onto for years

God finally revealed

I just couldn't understand why I wasn't pasting the test

I hadn't let go and release a lot of that mess

I’m releasing it all and everyone

In the name of the father the Holy Spirit and the son

I have been in tears all morning long

Crying out for my father to show and tell me what I was doing wrong

So as I talked to God this is some of the things I sad

At this point I know the enemy wants me dead

I say father I’m not doing what I use to do

Why is it you’re still taking me through?

His reply was its something’s you need to fix deep down inside of YOU

Yeah that was deep I jumped up so quick and looked in the mirror

I said Lord I don’t understand

He said the outside looks good but the exterior don’t fit what I have in your life plan

I need you to totally submit to me and not MAN

When trials come your way you try and figure it out on your own

Don’t you know my child I’m trying to keep you from doing wrong

You get in the way of your blessing

Which there is one in every lesson

I had to take everything bring you to the bottom and humble you down

Now do I have your attention

Do you have my attention you have my life

I give it whole heartedly to you and I don’t have to think twice

You have carried me through the lowest of lows 

Lord tell me where you want me to go

I’m crying out on bended knees I just can’t do this anymore

Sometimes we cause our own pain 

Sometimes we put ourselves in certain situation

Buy rushing, not thinking and most of all not being patient

Then we expect for GOD to come in and fix it just like that

He has never left your side he always have your back

His timing just is not yours

Lord not my will but let you will be done in my life..

Release everything and everyone that has been holding you back

Tomorrow is a new day dusk yourself off God is not finish with you yet.

He has plans for you and your life and he wants you to have the best and nothing less

Remember he wants to see you blessed
Copyrights©2013 Kayundra Simpson