Friday, August 30, 2013

Keep trusting

I've discovered that God is more interested in changing me than He is in changing my circumstances. I'm not saying that God won't deliver us from our struggles by changing the circumstances. But most of the time, God uses adversities to bring to light impurities in our characters or areas in which we need to improve. God deliberately uses some situations as a mirror, so we can recognize the problem in ourselves and learn to deal with it.

My faith is similar to a muscle. It grows stronger through resistance. It is exercised when it's being stretched, when it's being pushed. That's why God does not usually deliver us from adversity or uncomfortable situations overnight. He uses those times to build. our "spiritual muscle. " If he delivered us instantaneously from every problem, we'd never develop into the persons He really wants us to be.

Never put a question mark where God has a period. Quit living in a negative frame of mind, stewing about something that is over and done. Focus on what you can change, rather than what you cannot. Shake yourself out of that "should have, could have, would have" mentality, and don't let the regrets of yesterday destroy the dreams of tomorrow.

God is not limited to your family tree. He is not limited by your education, your social standing, your economic status, or your race. There is no such thing as the wrong side of the tracks with our God. If you will put your trust in Him. God will make your life significant. God longs to make something great out of your life. The only thing that limits God is your lack of faith.

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