Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Real Talk Moment..... I Told You

I Told You

Let me go ahead and state the facts
You like me now how is that
When you can't even have my back
You thought I would settle because I was going through a few things
Don't get it twisted to the table in the mist of my storm I still have a lot to bring
Clearly you didn't know I am a Queen

I need the 3 P's Pray Provide and Protect
If that’s not what your offering trust I will be yelling Next
I’m upfront and blunt

I don’t have a problem telling you what I want
Yeah a relationship is a give and take
But if you’re not putting in the time or work how you expect to get the cake
I’m not cut from that cloth
Be a real man or get lost

Time cost and it’s expensive
I don’t like wasting mines did I mention
I told you in the beginning I had a lot on my plate
I gave you those options so you could decide if I was whom you wanted to date
I told you that if you stick you stuck you stay
Did you forgot because I gave you a play by play
I made my intentions know right away

I told you I don’t do one night stands jump offs cut buddies nor boo thang
I'm in preparation to be a wife awaiting the Ring
I’m like a job 3 days no text no call no show
There is no reason you need to contact me anymore

I don’t want nor need a temporary fix
So if all you’re offering or bring to the table is your stick
Keep it moving before I treat you like a trick
I told you Im the beginning I ain’t with Sh**

I made my intentions known
That’s just what you do when you’re grown
So please don’t come at me wrong

If you can’t make me a priority
Then my time you’re not worthy
I’m too old for stick and move
Baby I’m from the old school

You were so stuck on my outside beauty
You didn’t put in the time to pursue me
I told you I’m a Queen you have to date and court
Otherwise your time getting to know me would be cut short

Im a good woman and I’m just stating the fact
What you put out and give I will give back
So remember that when my performance start to slack
Loyal honest trustworthy and about business
If I don’t get the same in return I remove myself with quickness
I want someone that will go that extra mile
Do whatever it takes to make me smile
I don’t need you to take care of me but yeah you’re going to help
If I have to do it all on my own then I should be by myself

There is no I in team
Were here to build and help each other reach our dreams
I’m all about letting a man be a man
He needs to have a vision and a plan
You wonder why I don’t take you serious
When you’re not handling your business
I didn't have any boys therefore I don’t know how to raise no man
Even if I did that’s not something I want to do surely you understand
Clearly I’m not what you want to do
So I’m going to remove myself from this situation and let you do you boo
Chasing & running in behind a man I wouldn't know how to do if I tried to
I told you…..
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stop skipping Steps..The only three things a Man should want to change about his Woman are; Her last name, her address and her viewpoint on Men.

If your trying to be the man in her life and help her succeed There are 3 vital questions you need to be asking her..
1. What can I do to help you?
2. How can I make your life easier?
3. How can I be a better spouse?

If your not dating for a purpose then why are you dating? At some point in your life you got to want more out of life then stick and move..

She would love to be in a relationship but the way her feet are setup SHE don't chase "NO MAN and right now She is getting herself back together. So if one is interested in her they will respect it and assist in the transformation not push or rush her into nothing. One has to be consistent and persistent or you will become nonexistent...She's a young lady you have to date court and establish a friendship. All dating is, is interviewing someone over dinner, laughs, and good times. It's not sex...stop skipping the friendship going to the sexship.. We no we can sleep together what else are you has to be more then sex to get her attention. The only three things a Man should want to change about his Woman are; Her last name, her address and her viewpoint on Men.

She's gotten to a point in my life where everything she add to her life has to clearly be an addition! She looks at life like math, She don't add anything that's going to subtract from her or anything she's doing! She don't add stress, frustration, issues, complaints or anything that's not positive period! She looks at things day by day too. If something was adding on Monday but it's subtracting on Thursday, it wont be a part of her life on Friday! Life is a blessing & God made her for a purpose, and nothing can come before her purpose or take away from this blessing period! If it don't make her happy, better, money, benefit her or my life she ain't doing it..

Offer her something she cannot FIND within herself....She know what She can BRING to the TABLE....MATCH HER HUSTLE! Have more to offer than whats between your legs... She needs that knowledge in your head to help you both get some more bread..She's Focus, hard working and smart enough not to settle. She need someone who can appreciate that and match her hustle. Match her effort, respect her hustle support her ambition, uplift her spirit and value her loyalty...You have to add value to her life and she to yours. Its team work

He asked what's her name. Her response was Help..She told him not to mix it up with taking care of... It's HELP...

Nothing like knowing somebody cares enough to pay attention, they don’t always have to ask, they just know...Show her something she haven’t seen before. Teach her something new. The usual gets old fast..she needs that spontaneous, exciting, ever growing type thing. That normal “we’re just kicking it” stuff isn't for her..If its not inspiring her to make changes for the better, break bad habits, or experience new things, then what’s the point? If it's not about consistently doing whatever it takes to make the other smile or challenging her to be greater, she don’t need it. If its not about the simple things then she don’t want it. Her plate is FULL and if your not willing to help her remove whats on here plate...  why are you here...There is no I in team.. If your ready to build you already know all this...

A woman of substance won't come cheap and she won't come easy. If you want the best, be prepared to invest. A Mans Money Will Never Excite An Independent Woman..There is a HUGE difference in being picky and Having Standards...It’s 3 things she needs: trust, loyalty, and consistency. If any one of those is hard for you, You're not going to last. She will tell you...We Cant Be In A Relationship If you have no desire to be her partner in business, love, and life..A real woman don't do part time anything... in dealing with her you must be consistent & persistent or you will become non existent. Actions always prove why words mean nothing....That's the type of mindset you have to have. You don't have to explain to people why you're not into things that don't profit or benefit you..A good woman is cool, a great woman even better but a Queen can change your life. Respect her time. Match her effort. Always be honest. Stay consistent....Time tells all. If it's not really in their character, they won't remain consistent in doing it. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Relationships..... Respect, Love, Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, Support, Communication

In dealing with mature individuals! You Must be willing to work and put in...Everything is earn nothing is just given. ALL men/women have a motives! Make your intentions known and don't get mad when the other person make theirs known.. If your not on the same page move around. Its about choices...Everyone wants something..Don't ask them for theirs if you don't want them to ask you for yours. If your not on the same page move around. Its about choices... When you play games that's when unnecessary occur...STOP IT!!! Fellas a woman does what she wants it not always about you.. and if your lucky to get some its her choice not yours.. Just remember if she went in and you hadn't put in that will be the first and last time...If you want to keep going in then be willing to invest and put in....Once you stop she will stop..Real mean provide profess and protect... Remember this boys buy you things... Real men invest and build... Life is about transactions... Say what you mean mean what you say.. .Your word is all you have. No one can stand a liar

If you are seeking a jump off ,cut buddy, boo thang, your a serial dater, you're a man but still have little boy ways. Your still jumping from woman to woman, you're still thinking with the little head and not the right head, your selling dreams, dishonest ect.. you get the point. Make you intentions known stop playing with people feelings and games nine times out of time if

this is you your not ready for a relationship you just want a sexship..Ladies beware and make your intentions known to what you want in a relationship and from the person your dealing with....

Don't!!! Expect a SEAT if you don't bring absolutely NOTHING to the TABLE If You Date Know that your time, energy, effort, and money is an investment, not a gift. Being with a woman will always cost you, either in time, energy, money, or all three. Date when you can afford to....Buying her dinner doesn't entitle you to anything except a thank you

2013© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Despite of what's going on in my life right now I must continue to push!

Today is your day to start believing something good is going to happen to you! God is working in your life right now!! Know that it is all PRE-DESTINED! My purpose is much bigger than I'm realizing now! Encouraging words are always needed! When no one is there you have to encourage yourself. Sometimes it's good to just sit down and reflect, adjust and make the changes you need to become a better you. The power to inspire begins with the power to overcome! Behind my smile, is a story you would never understand! I only share bits and pieces with you..Despite of what's going on in my life right now I must continue to push!I had purpose before anyone had an opinion!! I have to Remember that!!!I choose to feed my insecurities courage! Submerging myself with the love of Jesus! Time to retreat!

Nobody knows what it's like to be you but YOU. Don't expect people to understand your situation when they're living a totally different one. Always go with your first mind. It's better to be safe than sorry. Learn to trust your intuition. You have it for a reason. Be good to others not for what they can do for you, but for what you do for the world every time you spread kindness. I keep losing focus on learning when my purpose is over or has shifted in a person's life. It's all about learning to ADJUST. More and more I'm receiving confirmation to step BACK. You have to learn to let things go even when you mean well and just want to help.

The most beautiful people I've known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. God bless the friend who sees my needs and reaches out a hand. Who lifts me up, prays for me and helps me understand that I don't have to go through the storm alone. If you don't struggle how will you ever know what JOY feels for thought..Thanking God for all my struggles!!!There are days when I know I'm full of purpose but doubt if I will ever reach it! But God pushes me to continue!

Your lowest point is when the enemy comes in.... Kill him with knowing your word! God will put you in those uncomfortable places where ALL you can do is rely on Him. Don't be anxious, Hes about to show you He is faithful. Although you have been through some of the darkest valleys, He is going to take you to the brightest hilltops of Light in this season!