Thursday, July 19, 2018

Accepting My Disability

I've been disabled now for a year
Its been hard but I'm still here
This journey is not one a lot of you could have made
I'm stating facts not throwing shade
It took me a while to see that my entire life had changed
Pushed some people away I had to learn how to deal with this pain and the fact my entire life had changed
I had become bitter reckless and didn't love me
The mask has come off I can finally see
The direction GOD has for me
I went in on a stretcher came out on a walker then a wheelchair
I lost my independence just didn't seem fair nor if anyone cared
Some doors were closed that won't be reopened
Going through this had me lonely depressed suicidal and broken
On 7/20 the new chapter of my life will begin
This weak heart of mines they will start to mend
Whatever happens, now know that I have peace within
God has been caring me through this storm
But this is not an ordinary storm I needed it for my life to transform
For him to pull out of me what I didn't see in myself
I was broke broken broke down I had nothing left
I fell laid on the floor for a day lost body fluids felt some kind of way
Couldn't move to call anyone so I started to pray
God's got me at the end of the day
The best part about a fall is when you're able to get back up
I don't want your pity or you to feel sorry for me because you think I'm down on my luck
I want your encouragement for you to see I didn't give up I can't do such
Sometimes you have to lose to win
Release some folks family and friend
With every test will be an amazing testimony
Some trial and struggles reveal the fake & phony
2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved
 ~Ms.K.Simpson~ @MSKAYES

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