Friday, August 30, 2013

The Knots Prayer:

The Knots Prayer:

Dear God,
Please un-tie the Knots that are in my Mind, my Heart, my Soul and my Life!
Remove the Have Nots, the Can Nots, and the Do Nots that run threw my Mind.
Erase the Will Nots, May Nots, Might Nots that have found a home in your Heart!
Release me from the Could Nots, Would Nots, Should Nots that obstruct and slow my life down, when i Needed you!
And most of all Dear God
I ask that you remove from my Mind, my Heart, my Soul, and my Life of the 'Am Nots' that I have allowed to hold me back over the years, during this bid, and before my future endeavors!
All these nots in my Life need to be removed, ESPECIALLY the Thought that I am Not Good enough to be respected and check up on during a TOUGH time of my Life! Amen 


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