Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You're A Woman

You're A Woman

You're a woman that can hold her own

You've been through a lot which has made you strong

You’re a woman that won't give up without a fight

I must say that's one of the things I like

You’re a woman that keeps it all together

You intimidate people therefore the don't know how to get on your level

You're a woman that's God Fearing and keeps God First

People only have something to say about you when you’re at your worst

You're a woman that has changed her life around

They still throw your past in your face to try to bring you down

You're a woman that's sacrifice and gave up so much

You stood on your own and didn't need a crutch

You're a woman that has a story to tell

Your test and trials have made you excel

Your work doesn't go unnoticed

I admire that even when you’re going through it you keep Focus..

2010© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

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