Friday, November 15, 2013

Limited Time Only.... Two Book & A T Shirt for 35.00

For a limited time only... Get both copies of these books... and one of the T Shirts below for 35.00 Plus Shipping and Handling... Inbox me or email me for details. This will be for a limited time only.

Snippet... from Real Talk..
My Phone
Let me put you on blast
I promise not to take you fast
You're the one calling my phone
Telling me I need to leave your MAN of 10 years alone
Do you see how this is about to go terribly wrong?
My first thought was how did you get my number?
You had to go through his phone
I'm laughing as I listen to you tell me
You all been Together for 10 years and got 2 children
You sleep with him
Every night at his place where you call home
I'm still trying to process this you got all this going
on Yet you’re on the other end of MY PHONE!!!
2011© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

Snippet: from God Gave Me This Talent..

A New Christian
I’m a new Christian that’s alright
I've made the switch The devil is trying to turn me back with all his might
I've never been one to back down from a fight
I have the right man representing me now so I know I will be alright
Making the switch is not an easy task
I get a joyous feeling just knowing
God will supply all my needs, all I have to do is ask
So who are you to judge me when
God as already forgiving me for everything I've done in my past
2009© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved

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