Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Keep Calm

Keep Calm I'm going through a storm 
So when you see me don't be alarmed
You may see me on my walker
Stop and say hello I'm still a talker
You may see me with my cane
Oh how I hide the pain
But when you see me in my wheelchair 
Please don't stare I have a disability yes I'm aware
I will not argue stress nor do the drama
Being in this chair has taught me to be humble
Its hard I'm not going to lie
Every single day I cry
The Hospital is my second home
Funny cause when I go I'm all alone
That's where I get the strength to hold on and be strong
I have my weak moments when I want to throw in the towel
Close your mouth I know so many are saying not you WOW
Depression is real 
I'm no longer holding back or sparing anyone's feelings 
I'm going to tell you actually how I feel
I'm not forcing relationships with family or friends
I have real health issues I don't care who this offends
This is the only body I have to live in
It's not selfish I'm just putting myself first and learning to take care of me 
as well as my body
I've done so much for so many in the past
Amazed at how some are not there for me right now when I would give them my last
I forgive you but I'm paying close attention
There is no animosity or any tension
2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved ~Ms.K.Simpson~

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