Friday, March 2, 2018

I admire the woman I'm becoming

I admire the woman I'm becoming
Even though I'm going through and overcoming Don't get it twisted some days I look in the mirror and don't like what I see all these health issues and disabilities weighing down on me I am a voice that will be heard I'm more than my pictures and my words. I'm on a mission to empower and restore Blessings and doors are starting o open I want more I give myself self 10 minutes to have that pity party t cry or whatever it is Then its time to put on my high heels. This is a movement and mission I'm on Tragedy struggles test have been the best teacher for me I've really learned. Don't count me out I'm just getting started to stay tuned my work will elevate real soon. I don't need a click God will align me with the right ones he wants me to work with The first step believe in yourself your brand and your product.~Ms.K.Simpson~ 
(My story from stretcher to walker to wheelchair) #fromstretchertowalkertowheelchair
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