Saturday, December 6, 2014

I PRETEND I don't see...A Collaboration between Terrance Lamar & Kayundra Simpson

Terrance: I PRETEND I don't see, your lust for what's in these streets, but you say you LOVE ME...I PRETEND I don't hear, when you think your being discrete, the conversations you hold SECRETLY!I pretend I'm sleep, so YOU THINK it's OK to text, and TWEET..(wrong)So I Put on a smile, and act like everything is OK, until YOU come home ONE DAY...To that house, that used to be a HOME, and everything in it is GONE..and a DIVORCE DECREE is all you see. Then YOU'LL will KNOW, I was the ONE "PRETENDING" all ALONE!!!!!

Kayundra: Don't pretend we both know something is wrong Lets address it try and fix it or we move on Its been a minute since our house has been a home Maybe I went about it the wrong way to get your attention-now that I have it are you ready to listen I have lust for the streets naw just creating other ways for our family to eat I love you and that's something I can't deny I'm with you to the end I'm your ride or die 

Terrance: OK I'm to me, but not AT ME, or treat me like I'm SLOW, cause that by now you should ALREADY KNOW(I'm not!!!). I don't really talk much, but when I do, I need you to LISTEN..I'm sorry it had to come to this, just to get YOUR ATTENTION!! ADMITTEDLY I can say, I hadn't communicated I'm the best way..but I've loved you so much, for SO LONG, I forced myself to looked the other way! I tried telling myself that what we share is BIGGER than the secret phone calls, you staying gone from home, and those streets corners you be bumping..but the LONGER I kept quiet about it, the MORE I felt US LACKING SOMETHING!!! And we both know where there's a lack, there's A NEED, and people will ALWAYS try to get their needs let's fix this NOW, cause if given the chance SOMEONE ELSE WILL!!!!!

Kayundra: I don't think your slow but lately your actions have me feeling you don't love me any more. See I need you to communicate with me, don't you know I love you immensely, Losing you is something I don't want to do so baby tell me what do we need to do. I hear you loud and clear tell me where we go from here. Patience is still something I'm trying to perfect, we have got to communicate more so that we don't become each others EX,  Sometime I need you to slow down pour me a glass of wine rub my feet, don't say a word just listen. Lately I have had so much built up  and its causing us a lot of tension. When I tell you I'm hurt and I give you details don't blow me off  like I'm some random female.  Pay attention to my wants as well  as my needs, mentally emotionally spiritually my mind I need you to feed. How we got here I don't know I love you with every breath I breathe, You touch me like no other can don't you know your my best friend, my lover and my man sweetheart don't you know I'm your cheerleader and your #1fan. I'm going to take the blame for my actions and you take the blame for yours.  I'm excited to see what our future has in store. There is know one on this earth I love more...

Terrance:There ONCE was a time when WE didn't have to say it..OUR thoughts, our feelings and actions CONVEYED IT...I knew when you were hurt, and your HAPPY, and you knew MINE..I'd rub your feet, you'd wash my back, those were the GOOD TIMES!!! Those are the TIMES I MISS, and I know we have in us still..if we can put the BS to the side, and get back to what's REAL!!! Now we can talk about til our face turns blue, but let's be about it..Cause you love me, and I LOVE YOU...and though it's good being told, it's BETTER being SHOWED, then there's no doubt that IT'S TRUE!!!!!(soletsmakeitWORK)
2014© Kayundra Simpson And Terrance Lamar, All Rights Reserved

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