Friday, January 7, 2011



As I sit here and think about it
Yes it was a Big mistake
I knew better I knew you wasn't worthy of my cake
I laid down the rules coming through the gate
You told me time is something you did not waste
I'm sorry your actions and words just didn't Align
From the looks of it your wasted your time and mines
I don't blame you I blame me because I should have made you wait
You See it had been a minute since my CAKE had been baked

Thinking with the wrong head it wasn't just you that wanted to get in the bed
Yet I told you the deal up front I can repeat every word I said.
I was thinking with my emotions but Im not going to lie I wanted to give you a try
But your actions now have me question my decision  asking myself why
I decided to step outside of the box and try something new
Now Im finding out the words you said to me none of them were true
See I told you I was seeking more than a temporary fix
Nor did I play second and refuse to be the side chick
Some of you men wonder why some woman act a fool stop being slick

I'm not new to this you should have said all you wanted to do was chill
At the moment I was keeping it 100 and keeping it real
See I'm not about jumping from man to man
 Now I'm going to sit down and wait for the man GOD has in plan
The one that's ready to make me his wife
He knows this and doesn't have to think twice
This ain't my first rodeo but it will be my last
I learned some valuable lessons from the ones I dated in my past
Thats how I'm able to call you out and not allow you to take me fast..

I know the difference between real feeling and those that are fake
By the time you get what I'm saying It will be to late
You figured you would tell me what I wanted to hear
So when you called I would always appear
You thought you would keep getting my cake
Based on your talk game and your performance hold on MR. wait

Let me tell you how to get my cake...
Set the oven on 350
It will need to pre heat
Let me pull out a chair so you take a seat
I added a little extra ingredient's in my cake
Make sure your ready and willing to handle this plate
Settling I can't do
I'm a strong woman that's already been through
I'm here to build you up not tear you down
I'm Queen let me fix my grown 
Low self esteem I never had
Let me get the mixing bowl I have a little more Ingredients to add 
Easy no that's not me
A grown woman that does what I want can't you see
The best way to cut out extra  communication is the Key

Bold upfront and blunt
I'm not going to sugar code it I'm going to tell you exactly what I want
Seems like I've added all the ingredient's for  MY CAKE
Let me turn the oven up so it can bake
The next person that gets my CAKE
 Will put a Wedding Ring on my finger and we will have a permanent date
Because everyone is not worthy of  MY CAKE
2014© Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved


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