Friday, March 8, 2013

I need Help

I'm not AFRAID to say it. "Lord I need HELP!" The things I'm trying to do are MUCH BIGGER than me. I am pushing as much as I can but FATHER I need you. I'm calling on you because I've "seen" evidence. I know what you can do. I'm grateful for where you have me right now but next year I want to be a best selling Author, I want to be in a position to do your will lord. I want to be able to help Women & Children that are less fortunate. Not even that but assist them in making their goals and dreams come true...I want to be able to show case my gift and talents all over the world..I want to be a blessing to someone that needs one. Whether it's a listening ear, a ride some where, food to eat.. At this very moment lord I surrender all to you. Use me as you want...Place the right people in my path to help me accomplish what I'm trying to do.. When people say it can't be done because of my assets, I want you to show yourself because if I was depending on my assets NOTHING would ever get done. You've SHOWED UP for me time and time again. #HELP!

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