Saturday, November 7, 2015

No Consistency No Connection

Ignoring me is like first-class disrespect

If you can't give me consistency then I've lost the connect

When the communications stops so does the connection 

I'm not a collectors item you cant add me to your shelf as one of your collections

You say I didn't give you time to show your interest

But your all over FB & making appearances trust and believe I was paying attention

Silence is golden nothing needs to be said

Your action showed me everything I needed to see instead

You contacted me and expressed your interest

30 days later no contact did you really think you would keep my attention

My reply was 7 whole days not a word from you 

Gone back to whomever had you attention I"m one you should no longer try to pursue

You make time for thing and people you want to do

If you don't make the time to keep my attention I forget about you

Get out my inbox boo

Now you call me angry hurt and bitter

Why because I rejected you MR

If I was interested in average I would have been off the market along time ago

What you thought I would sit around and wait for you to see my worth my 
self esteem ain't that low

Put in the time and work cause I don't wont go

Nothing is giving everything is earned 

If your not willing to purse put in the time and work then your not my concern

Don't approach or contact me if  you don't have the time to court date & purse me to go to the next level

I've worked to hard I refuse to settle

I'm not stuck up  just learned to be careful

The only chase I can relate to is Chase Bank

Chasing and running behind a man I can't 

I'll show you interest but if its not giving back

I'll keep it moving and that's a known fact

I'm A Grown woman awaiting a grown man

If you know that's not you keep it moving I'm just saying
2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved 
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