Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Been Through Hell And Back....

Been through hell and back

I've had some major set back 

But giving up now I won't and can't do that

I'm still here and I'm still standing

I'm in beast mode I'm not playing

I've been knocked down kicked down pushed down and had dirt thrown on me.

Not to mention I have a chronic invisible illness I fight and deal with on a daily called Epilepsy 

Through it all like a seed I still grow

That's why I'm very selective who sits in my front low

As I elevate and go to the next level

I pray to GOD my health gets better

My main focus is to remain focus and continue to get this cheddar 

You may have been able to tilt my crown will never knock it off

I'm going to continue to grind get streams of income like a boss 

I will continue on my journey with my head held high and my crown in place 

Now do you know why I keep a smile on my face 

If you still didn't catch it its because GOD FAVOR and Grace 

2015©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved 
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