Saturday, January 13, 2018

This the deal

I've accepted that I'm really ill
So I'm going to step back sit down and chill
My mind keeps telling me to go 
It's telling me you got to secure this bag though
My body is saying you're not ready but then I pass out and hit the floor 
I know its time to take it easy and take it slow
That bag ain't going to matter if I'm not here no more
See I got some major health issue my heart is functioning really low
Things I use to be able to do on my own
 I require assistant I can no longer do alone
I get really tired and weak 
So Negativity BS drama chaos foolishness ect you bring my way I will ignore you and even not speak
So many people make excuses for what they cant do
You have people like me with disabilities who wish we could fully function like you
Don't take anything or anyone for granted
Your life can change like mines in a minute an hour or day damn it
I"m not defined by my wheelchair
Or even the people that show they don't care 
Nor the ones that walked away when I just knew they would be there
To hold my hand and have my back
I'm not sending subliminal messages I'm stating clear facts
I'm grateful for my small circle especially the one that checks on me see if I've eating asked if I need anything
But my favorite just sitting with me its the little things
God is definitely using me and tragedies 
Stay tuned the testimony will be amazing just wait and see
For what GOD has for me is for me
I"m Just Not Built To Break 2018©Kayundra Simpson, All Rights Reserved ~Ms.K.Simpson~

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