Thursday, February 27, 2014

Getting ready for New Book.. Im Just Not Built To Break

Breaking News.... Coming this Holiday Season.... "I'm Just Not Built To Break". You can Pre Order Yours now. 25.00 including Shipping and handling. Just go to the book section from the home page

Snippet:Introducing I'm Just Not Built To Break..What I want can't be purchased.. I have worked for nothing, slept on floors, felt unappreciated and had no support, Been homeless, had not a penny to my name, tried to commit suicide, lost my mind, lost everything i owned, lost friends, faced my fears, swallowed my pride, gave my heart, tried & failed, followed my dreams.... This is just the watered down version of what I went/am going through for my DREAMS..I have done all this and I'm still not where I wanna be.. How bad do you want it.. Failure is not a options and thats why I keep grinding.. In order to get to it you have to go through it.. Always help someone you might be the only one that does.. I had to learn this in all areas of my life, you can't rush something you want to last forever.. There are levels to everything we do.. I'm happy with what I have while I'm working for what I want..Opportunity didn't knock on my Door so I had to create my own.. On a mission I believe in me even when it seems know one else does. My time is coming trust and believe it.. God has not over looked me... He has something and someone amazing in store for me.. I had to remind myself It's His Timing not mines..Introducing I'm Not Built To Break..

If I told you what was really going on you would think that I had a right to break, but because of who's in control of what's going on I have a right to stand. I Love you God.....I know you therefore everything will be ok.... Lord I trust you for this too shall pass... for the devil to be coming at me this tough.... Tells me he has gotten just a glimpse of what’s to come.. I will take my eyes off of my circumstance and put them back on you... Lord I trust you, you are my everything... I'm tired of running I surrender all with every breath in my body.. Satan you’re a liar you will not win.. I bind the thoughts of thinking I'm alone, I have no friends, Fear, Depression and anything else that is not of GOD...

My heart is heavy but I will not fret.. What I’m going to do is trust you...I can’t change what happened's already done............ Looking forward to tomorrow....I know you have this thing all worked out... Preparing myself for the transition....... Frustration is always a sign of growth.......Lord I trust you.... Even though I can't see you..........

Lord I know you have a calling on my life...In trying to run from your calling I've began to run into the space of people who are not aligned with your assignment.........there is an incredible cost for ignoring the voice of God... I'm far from perfect and if no one else does I believe in me.. I love me and I'm learning that it doesn't matter if you do or not!!!!!! I ROCK..!!!!!! So on that note get ready for my NEW BOOK COMING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON.. 


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